About Toro Steel Buildings

TORO Steel Buildings is proud to be supported by 140 years of integrated growth and development in the steel building construction market. This long term, stable foothold in the industry is what gives us enormous credibility as a trusted custom steel building provider across North America and internationally. TORO customers have the benefit of our decades of know-how they can count on and the assurance that they will be purchasing top-quality products backed by accredited engineering and design expertise.

The Building Team at TORO is comprised of some of the industry’s most valuable and experienced prefabricated steel building professionals who have worked together for many years successfully creating every level of building complexity from the simplest erection format through to some of the most complex and challenging.  Together they offer contractors, developers and end users dedicated project management, building design and engineering, customer service, technical support and the best steel building prices in the industry. Remember If you are flexible with the size of your steel building, you could save thousands with one of our Clearance Steel Buildings.

Toro Steel Buildings Certificates


  • TORO buildings are designed by Licensed Professional Engineers fully registered in Canada and the United States.
  • TORO building components are designed and manufactured under the governance of strict quality standard CAN/CSA-A660 in an AISC accredited facility. Regular audits include personnel, design and engineering, materials control, fabrication and plant quality to ensure compliance to approved construction documents and standards in building codes.
  • TORO welding standards are in accordance with the requirements set forth by American Standard – AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code for Steel.
  • TORO products are certified to a variety of Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM) standards.