Toro Steel Buildings – A GREEN Choice

Go Green With Toro Steel Buildings and LEAD

TORO Steel Buildings is committed to supporting the advancement of environmentally-friendly, or green, structural solutions. Prefabricated steel buildings are not only thermal and energy efficient but steel is North America’s number one most recycled material, making a Toro Steel building a very eco-conscious choice.

TORO Steel Buildings follows the guidelines and industry initiatives that promote a Green Mission and Vision designed to positively affect:

  1. The environmental impact the building will have now and in the future in an effort to conserve natural resources such as energy, raw materials and space
  2. The economic impact by creating structural solutions that will lower operating costs, enhance asset value and improve lifecycle productivity and performance
  3. Overall health and community conditions such as air quality, occupant comfort and safety

The GREEN Factors

TORO Steel Buildings provides its customers with a variety of building options that help promote the benefits of recyclability, durability and energy conservation.  There are a number of characteristics in the materials, processes or technology of a Toro building that contribute to its overall “green” factor:

Steel Building Recyclability


The roof and wall panels of a steel building are virtually 100% recyclable as opposed to many non-metal construction materials. A Toro steel building may contain as much as 30 – 50% recycled steel, depending on the project

New steel components made from recycled metal uses as little as 26% of the amount of manufacturing energy otherwise required

Steel Building Durability


Steel roof and wall panels last as long as 40 – 60 years which correlates to an overall reduction in waste as opposed to other building materials that most often end up in landfill sites

Due to their durability and an unmatched resistance to fire, weather and insects, steel roofs have a longer lifespan than other types of roofs therefore requiring less maintenance or replacement

Steel Building Conservation

“Energy Conservation”

Toro offers what is known in the industry as cool paint colors for all our metal roof panels. A cool roof reflects and emits the sun’s heat back to the sky instead of transferring it to the building below. Together with the design of the roof’s slope, a cool colored roof naturally reduces the building’s energy cost and consumption just from solar reflectivity alone.

Insulation is ideal for controlling the temperature of steel buildings and reducing energy consumption over an extended period of time. The insulated panels that Toro offers are ideal for numerous wall and roof applications and when used as a part of a strategically-designed green project will improve the energy efficiency immensely.

GREEN Resources

TORO Steel Buildings takes advantage of the wealth of resources available in the construction industry to help our designers, engineers and project managers as well as our customers to better understand the current green building standards and their long term benefits:

Canadian Green Building Council Cool Metal Roofing Cool Roof Ratings
Canadian Green Building Council Cool Metal Roofing Cool Roof Ratings