Roof Accessories

Toro Steel Monovent Image


20” circular gravity type ventilator unit, with damper

Toro Steel Curbs


Available in a variety of standard sizes or can be custom fabricated to size and tapered to match the roof pitch. Shipped complete with all mounting accessories and instructions. Pipe Flash: A flexible unit that fits up to 16-1/4” diameter pipes

Toro Steel Roof Jacks

Roof Jacks

Metal roof jacks are mounted on roof panel and can accommodate stack sizes up to 12”

Toro Steel Light Panels

Translucent Light Transmitting Panels

Fiberglass reinforced plastic panels allow natural light transmission and can reduce lighting costs

Toro Steel Univent


26 gauge, 10’ long x 9” throat gravity type roof ventilator unit with or without dampers and designed for continuous runs