Metal and Steel Building Applications

At Toro Steel Buildings, we offer a variety of steel building types for use in multiple different applications. They are prefabricated for easy assembly, made from quality materials, and designed to last many years.

Metal and Steel Building ApplicationsMetal and Steel Building Applications

Steel Building Types & Commercial Applications

Auto Garages and Truck Service ShopsGarages – Auto & Truck Service Shops

Whether protecting one vehicle or serving as a maintenance garage for your business, a steel garage from Toro Steel Buildings is an industry standard. The benefits of our column-free interiors allow you to have the space to accommodate hoists, bays, and workshops. By selecting steel for your structure, you are also guaranteeing the fire-resistance necessary to utilize welding equipment.

Storage and Warehousing StructuresStorage – Storage and Warehousing Structures

At a lower cost than wood or brick, steel structures provide excellent storage space. They can be designed to be attached to an existing structure to provide an affordable expansion option. There are a variety of accessories and features to help create a highly adaptable structure in terms of security and protection.

Agricultural Steel BuildingsAgriculture – Agricultural Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are preferred by farmers and large agricultural facilities for their strength and reliability. They are able to withstand many types of weather and can stand for many years without requiring replacement or repair. They are durable and low maintenance, making them an ideal solution to store equipment and machinery. They can also be used to hold livestock and feed.

Steel Marijuana BuildingsMarijuana – Steel Marijuana Buildings

Toro’s steel structures are designed to be government-approved and meet all regulations for indoor marijuana growth and security. Whether you are growing marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, the steel buildings from Toro create a weather resistant atmosphere that is able to accommodate vents, lighting, irrigation systems, and dehumidifiers. Each building can be customized to your exact requirements, and their adaptable design makes then ideal for expansions to shops, nurseries, processing facilities, and dispensaries.

Commercial BuildingsCommercial – Commercial Steel Buildings

Toro has partnered with many developers and contractors to help design and deliver steel buildings to almost every industry sector you can imagine. We work with our customer’s project personnel, helping us to understand and respect their budget, details, codes, and deadlines. We put our name behind many commercial developments across the country and abroad. From manufacturing facilities and utility stations to distribution centers and transportation depots, our services are unmatched.

Recreational Steel Buildings and Riding ArenasArenas – Recreational Buildings & Arenas

Steel buildings are a popular option for recreational applications such as arenas, ice rinks, gyms, and tennis courts. The column-free interior in these buildings makes them excellent for ice rinks and equestrian arenas.

Aircraft HangersAviation – Aircraft Hangars and Aviation Facilities

We design aircraft hangars that are able to meet even the most complex aviation requirements. The clear span design allows for open floor space, high eaves that can accommodate large aircraft, and a column-free interior. We also can help you select the most effective door options.

Metal Building Storage KitsShed – Metal Building Storage Kits

Steel is an excellent material to use when building sheds, as it is strong, durable, and weather resistant, ensuring the contents inside remain in good condition.

Steel Barn & Farm BuildingsBarn/Farm – Steel Barn & Farm Buildings

When creating a new barn on a farm, many opt to use wood. Consider instead the benefits of steel, including lower cost, durability, reliability, and ability to withstand a variety of weather conditions without suffering damage or requiring repair.

Metal & Steel WorkshopWorkshops – Metal & Steel Workshop

A metal workshop is an ideal solution for those who need a commercial or personal workshop. The interior can be customized to house tools or other pieces of equipment while achieving a lower overall cost to develop.

Steel Building Customization Options

When looking to customize your steel building, there are many options available. We have wall accessories such as doors and light transmitting panels, roof accessories including monovents, curbs, and roof jacks, a variety of trim and flashing options, insulation, and colour options. Learn more about your customization options.

Steel Building Colour Options

We have a wide selection of colour options available for your steel building. Whether you’re looking for a natural colour or want your structure to stand out, visualize your colour selections by clicking through and trying out our visualizer.

Clearance Steel Buildings for Sale

If you are interested in viewing our selection of clearance buildings, please see our current available structures.

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