Building Uses

Auto Garages and Truck Service ShopsStorage and Warehousing StructuresAgricultural Steel BuildingsSteel Marijuana Buildings


  • Flexible design for many functions
  • Fire Resistant
  • Choice of Colors for Aesthetic Purposes
  • Long Term Durability and Security


  • Clear span capabilities
  • Thermally efficient
  • Durable
  • Fast and Measurable ROI
  • Attractive design and finish options to match existing property and buildings


  • Protects your field and farm equipment
  • Versatile applications from animal shelters to storage
  • Excellent weather resistance for long term durability
  • Dry and clean interior space for housing produce and feed


  • Fulfill all federal regulations for indoor marijuana growth & security
  • Excellent weather resistance for long term durability & security
  • Temperature control to protect your crop & equipment
  • Fast & Easy Construction
Commercial BuildingsRecreational Steel Buildings and Riding ArenasAircraft Hangers


  • Eliminates architect and design costs
  • Guaranteed to exceed building codes
  • Efficient and expedient occupancy/operation to maximize ROI
  • Controlled Budget and Timeline


  • Permits the largest open clear span interior
  • Easily insulated for year-round animal comfort
  • Design versatility for lofts and upper storage
  • Smart investment to protect the tools of livelihood


  • Design flexibility – high ceilings, unlimited length
  • Fast, Easy Construction
  • Low Maintenance
  • Energy Efficient
  • Treated to Last Decades