At Toro Steel Buildings, we design and engineer aircraft hangars to be able to meet all building codes and industry requirements. Whether you have a personal plane or your business involves the use of a large fleet, a steel aircraft hangar is ideal to house and protect your planes. They can be configured in a multitude of ways to accommodate various hangar door placements and varying sizes of aircraft. We also offer a variety of door options so you can choose the most effective type for your needs.

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Secure and Reliable Protection

It is critical to protect your aircraft from the various weather conditions and ultraviolet light that can damage them. For this reason, a metal building is an optimal choice. They are durable, reliable, and offer excellent long-lasting performance. Our straight-wall and arch structures can securely house your aircraft or be used as workshops and maintenance facilities. If you require assistance with determining which style best suits you, the size you need, or which accessories to consider, please contact the Toro Steel team to speak to an expert in your region.

Saw the ad on Facebook and sent an e-mail. Ended up working with one of the reps. He responds immediately to all enquirers and cares about customer’s satisfaction and tries his utmost to obtain the best price possible! Would definitely recommend them to friends.


Low Maintenance, Expandable Aircraft Hangars

When building an aircraft hangar or aviation facility out of steel, you have the added benefits of high ceilings, unlimited expansion length, low maintenance requirements, and fast construction times. This allows you to get your building completed quickly.

The team at Toro Steel understands the importance of your investment in your structure and how necessary it is to ensure your aircraft is protected. This is why we offer high-quality steel buildings that you can rely on. For more information about our buildings and accessories, or to discuss your needs, contact the team at Toro Steel.