Steel Building Types

Steel buildings are available in a variety of designs to suit a wide selection of needs. Whether you’re looking for a personal structure such as a garage or carport or need something on a larger scale to accommodate your growing business, selecting a metal building is a great choice.

Farming and Agricultural Buildings

If you work in the farming and agricultural industry, a steel building provides excellent strength and reliability for your diverse needs. Their durability and low maintenance make steel buildings ideal for storing equipment, heavy machinery, livestock, and harvested crops.

Recreational Buildings and Arenas

When you need a large open interior, a steel building is an excellent choice. They can be designed to be column-free, providing a large open space that allows for a variety of recreational activities. A steel building is ideal for housing skating rinks, equestrian arenas, tennis courts and more.

Prefab Metal Airplane Hangar

The clear span design of steel buildings along with their open floor space and adjustable eave heights can accommodate aircraft of all sizes. Feel confident knowing that your aircraft and aviation equipment is stored safely and securely.

Carport Kits

A carport is designed to shield your vehicle from the elements and climate. Regardless of the weather conditions, a steel carport will ensure your car, truck or recreational vehicle is safe. They are available in a variety of sizes to ensure they will provide adequate coverage and protection.

Prefab Commercial Steel & Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are strong, reliable, and easy to expand and design, making them ideal for your commercial business. Customizable with a variety of accessories, including any number of bay doors for shipping and receiving, a steel building can be adapted to suit whatever need your company has.

Container Covers

A practical solution to your roofing needs is a container cover. By adding arch panels to shipping or cargo containers, you can create a covered space that can be used for storage or work. You can customize the space however you need by adding insulation, skylights, or closing in the area with endwalls.

Metal & Steel Garage Kits

Whether you need to protect one vehicle or cover an entire fleet, a steel garage is an ideal solution. The lack of interior columns means that any equipment and machinery is easily accommodated inside, and the fire resistance of steel lets you weld indoors. Metal garages also make ideal service shops or maintenance facilities.

Steel Marijuana Buildings

We offer a variety of steel buildings that have been specifically designed to be government-approved indoor grow facilities. If you are looking to grow cannabis, our buildings will protect your crops from the outdoor elements while also providing ample room to set up ventilation and irrigation systems, proper lighting, and more.

Roofing Systems

An arch metal roof helps protect the area below. If you are looking for an option for your barn, commercial building, a container cover, or roofing for your home, an arch roof is an ideal choice. They don’t require any interior support beams or trusses, leaving you with a clear open space beneath.

Storage Buildings

A metal building is an excellent solution for any home or business owner who requires additional storage space. They are customizable to a variety of sizes, allowing you to store anything from a few small items to vehicles and warehousing stock.

Workshops Buildings

If you need a space to be able to work that is safe and secure, look no further than a metal workshop. The reliability and durability of steel make it a great choice to protect your valuable equipment, and the fire-resistance it offers allows you to work with tools such as welders to complete your projects.