Arch Style Buildings

An arch style building is ideal for a variety of uses and scenarios. At Toro, we offer several variations on the classic arch, including sloped walls, open-sided structures to be used as roofs or shelters, and half-arch designs. All arch style steel buildings can be expanded with unlimited length should you require more space in the future.

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These designs are ideal for use as workshops, storage, garages, shelters, residential space, retail or commercial space, crop growth and more.

“A” Style Steel Arch Building

A building of this style provides a more conventional appearance than some other arched structures. It has straight sides and a peaked roof and is available in sizes from 16’ (4.87m) to 40’ (12.46m) wide. The center height will vary based on structure size or needs.

A Style Steel Arch Building

“X” Style Steel Arch Building

The “X” style building looks very similar to the “A” but features sloped walls. It is available in sizes from 20’ (6.09m) to 60’ (18.28m) in width, with a variable center height.

X Style Steel Arch Building

“S” Style Steel Arch Building

The “S” style is designed with straight walls and a curved arch roof. The straight walls provide increased sidewall clearance and allow for larger pieces of equipment such as tractors or machinery to be stored against it. This style is available in widths of 10’ (3.04m) up to 75’ (22.86m), and variable center heights.

S Style Steel Arch Building

“Q” Style Steel Arch Building

The “Q” style is the most traditional Quonset design. It features a single radius and a clear-span arch that comes to the ground on both sides. It is available in widths of 16’ (4.87m) up to 125’ (38.10m), with a center height of half the width or less.

Q Style Steel Arch Building

“T” Style Steel Arch Building

This style if a half arch, open-sided structure. It utilizes structural supports on the open side or can be attached to the side of a structure. Widths vary from 25’ (7.62m) to 50’ (15.24m) with open side heights of 8’ (2.62m) to 30’ (9.62m).

T Style Steel Arch Building

“R” or “C” Style Steel Arch Building

The “R” style is a curved roof with open sides. This can be used as a container cover, or with support beams as a “C” style carport to protect vehicles and/or to cover walkways, rinks, equipment and more. An “R” or “C” style structure can be created in widths from 10’ (3.65m) to 130’ (39.62m), with heights from 8’ (2.62m) to 30’ (9.62m).

R or C Style Steel Arch Building