Invest in Quality Steel Buildings in Colorado

Toro Steel Buildings is an industry-leading supplier of the highest quality metal and steel buildings in Colorado. We have forty years of experience turning ideas into reality for projects of all sizes and complexities.

Whether you need a small steel garage in Denver or a sizeable warehouse in Lakewood, our knowledge of Colorado building challenges and requirements will ensure your structure is perfectly designed for your needs and location. Each building is created to meet all local building codes and requirements, serve your purpose, and last for years, even under the heaviest snow loads.

Steel Buildings in Colorado
Metal Buildings in Colorado

Why Choose Toro for Steel Buildings in Colorado

We have many years of experience developing unique metal buildings for all industries throughout Colorado. From simple one-car garages to complex multi-level arenas, warehouses, and others, we can help you select the structure that best suits you. Our team of industry-leading designers, engineers, fabricators, and customer care representatives will ensure that you get the best product and have a positive, helpful experience.

So, what is it that makes Toro’s selection of steel buildings the best choice for your project in Colorado? Our structures are designed to suit the area, keeping in mind the dramatic weather variance across the state. They can resist much of what the Colorado climate can throw at them and provide the best value for your money.


Over the last decade, wildfires have increased in frequency and severity. While no structure is completely fireproof, our non-combustible, steel-framed buildings offer unmatched fire resistance and protection compared to traditional wood structures. Unlike wood, steel will not fuel any external fires. This improved safety often allows them to be eligible for discounts from insurance companies.


Heavy snowfalls and intense winter storms are a common occurrence in Colorado. All our steel buildings available in the state have been designed to meet or exceed all local building codes, including the unique regulations in place for snow loads. We can also create a structure to withstand higher loads upon request for greater protection.


Strong winds over 100 mph are not rare in Colorado. Traditional wooden structures put together with nails and staples cannot withstand these extreme forces. Our steel buildings are designed to meet Colorado’s wind loads and feature bolt and screw connections, making them much stronger.


The subterranean termites are a common enemy in the low elevation urban areas of Colorado. However, Toro’s steel buildings do not feature any wood in their construction, stopping termites in their tracks.

Seasonal Changes

The higher elevation areas in the state are prone to weather extremes, which makes building a real challenge. The ease of assembly and fast construction of our steel buildings makes it possible to complete them quickly before the weather shifts.

Versatile & Economical Choice

Our steel building kits in Colorado can be designed and fabricated to meet any need, whether residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial. Here are some of the common ways our customers have used their steel buildings in Colorado.

  • Agricultural/Ranch/Farm Buildings and Barns
  • Automotive/Welding/Mechanic Buildings
  • Aircraft Hangers and Aviation Structures
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Church Buildings
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial/Manufacturing Buildings
  • Garages and Boat/RV Storage Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Recreational Buildings
  • Storage Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Suburban Hobby or Residential Accessory Structures

Contact Us For Customized Metal & Steel Building Kits in Colorado

Do you have a building project in Colorado and need a durable, versatile, and simple solution? Look no further than the building kits from Toro. Our steel buildings are designed and manufactured by industry-leading designers, engineers, and fabricators to meet your unique needs and serve you for decades. Contact us today and let us help you build for the future.