Arch Style vs Straight Wall

Comparing Arch Style and Straight Wall Steel Buildings

When looking to purchase a metal building, it helps to know which style is best for your needs. At Toro, we offer two styles: arch and straight wall. The name of the style comes from the outer shape of the building. Both varieties are durable, high-quality, eco-friendly and long-lasting.

What Is an Arch Style Metal Building?


An arch style metal building, also sometimes referred to as a Quonset hut, consists of repeating metal arch-shaped structures covered with sheets of steel. They can be expanded to a virtually unlimited length and are available in six designs through TORO to suit a variety of needs.

Time Lapse Assembly – Future Buildings X Model 35x14x31

Time Lapse Assembly – Future Buildings A Model 30x18x50

What Is a Straight Wall Metal Building?


A straight wall metal building is built with straight steel sides and a single or double sloped roof. They offer a clear span interior, meaning there are no interior columns. This provides unobstructed space for things like indoor sports facilities, ice rinks, pools, or warehouses where forklifts and other machinery are frequently used. You can also select a multi-span frame that features interior bearings or a lean-to frame which is open on one side and serves as an expansion or extension of an existing building.

What Can I Use a Steel Building For?

You can use a steel building for a variety of purposes. While they are mostly interchangeable, each style can also lend itself more to one application than another due to their design. For instance, facilities with a curved roof, such as a carport, will do well with an arch style. Alternatively, those that need clear, unobstructed space, such as an indoor riding arena, will be more suited to a straight wall design.

Arch Style Building Applications

Straight Wall Building Applications

Applications for Either Design

Is One Style of Metal Building Better Than the Other?

Neither style is fundamentally better than the other. It really comes down to the intended use of your structure. If you require a multi-level building with unobstructed interior space, a straight wall building is your best choice. These structures are available in heights of up to 60’, and it is easier to add multiple stories on this style as opposed to an arch style. If, however, you foresee the possibility of needing more space in the future, an arch style building is easier to expand by adding more length as required.