Metal Carport Kits

Protect Your Vehicle with a Metal Carport Kit

Is your car frequently parked in the open, requiring you to clean snow, leaves, and other debris off it? If you are looking to protect your vehicles and do not have a garage, a carport kit is your best solution. It is made using high-quality steel, effective in all climates and durable through a variety of weather conditions, from mild to severe. Our carports are made using Galvalume PlusTM Steel, offering a range of structural benefits. Each carport kit purchased through TORO Steel is protected with a 40-year rust perforation warranty. This goes into effect on the date of delivery.

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Our customers have found a variety of uses for our carport kits, even extending beyond protecting their vehicles. This includes:

  • ATV, Snowmobile, And Motorcycle Storage
  • Car Protection
  • Industrial Vehicle and Equipment Shelters
  • RV and Trailer Covers
  • Canopy Cover for Walkways
  • Golf Range Canopies
  • Public Transit Shelters

The TORO Steel Buildings Representative I dealt with made buying a building very easy. They covered in detail what I would need and how easily it would be to put up by myself. No need to hire a company to construct it. They stayed in contact with me and is available for any questions I may have

R. Quaghebeur

Choose the Right Prefab Carport Size for Your Needs

Metal Carport KitsThe selection of customizable metal carports available through TORO Steel allows you to design and select exactly the style and size required to cover and protect your items effectively. This will enable you to specify the height, width, and length of your carport, as well as have it designed to fit into a compact space if needed. Each carport is created with the specific conditions of your area in mind. This includes ensuring your carport is designed and engineered with the gauge of steel of required to meet the local codes and snow and seismic load requirements.

When looking to design your carport, it helps to understand what you plan to use it for so you can accurately determine the size needed. Our steel carports are available in sizes from 12’ (3.657m) to 25’ (7.62m) wide. You can continuously add to the ends to create virtually unlimited length, making a carport ideal for both residential and commercial use. Assembling your carport is relatively simple and is a task suitable for nearly any DIY skill level.

Easy to Assemble Pre-Engineered Metal Carport Kits

Our do-it-yourself metal carport kits are designed and made to provide strong, durable, reliable, and cost-effective storage for your valuable vehicles, ATVs, boats, and more. Every carport plan is uniquely designed to match the needs and requirements of each customer and in accordance with the climate and weather conditions in their location. The kit is then delivered with all pieces and a detailed set of instructions on how to assemble it. With a small crew and a few days of work, you can have your own metal carport ready for use.

Steel Carport Kits Do-It-Yourself

If you do not want a full garage, a metal carport is a strong, durable and cost-effective alternative. While a larger structure may provide more interior space, it also requires more time, land space, and equipment than you may have. On the other hand, our metal carport kits are quick and easy to construct, require less time than a traditional garage, and are remarkably effective in protecting your valuable investments from the elements.

Many people are excited about the possibility of building and creating things on their own. For these people, Toro’s metal carport kits provide a chance to expand their DIY skills and to have the accomplishment of building their own carport. We understand the excitement that a building project brings, and having one that you can successfully do on your own is incomparably gratifying.

Our exterior class project is now finished and looks absolutely fabulous! I am now looking for a few more for our school, and the idea is to have these in all our schools in CSSCV. Here is a picture of the finished project. A BIG thank you for your help throughout this project

Ecole Aux Quatre-Vents, CSSCV

Q1. What Carport Height Should I Order?

It depends on your needs. However, it is important to note that the carport height is defined as the lowest point near the sides of the carport. If your car, RV, boat or anything else you’ll be storing under the carport needs a specific clearance, verify this requirement before placing your order. The clearance for the items you will be housing is typically the height of the support posts.

Q2. Are Carports Worth It?

Metal Carport kits are a worthwhile investment because of their versatility. They protect your valuable assets such as your car, tractor, boat and more from the elements and damage.

Q3. What Are Some Additional Ways to Use A Metal Carport?

Metal carport kits can be used in a variety of other ways, including:

  • Outdoor workshops
  • Patio or deck awnings
  • Covers for playground and sporting equipment
  • Campgrounds and picnic areas
  • Passenger shelters
  • Outdoor meeting spaces
  • Deck & porch covers to provide shelter, shade & protection
  • Maintenance vehicle storage

Q4. Do Carports Protect Cars?

Yes. Steel carport kits help keep damaging elements such as the hot sun, heavy rain, hail, falling leaves, snow, and animal droppings off your car, thus prolonging its value.

Q5. If I Want to Install the Metal Carport Structure Myself, Do You Have Metal Carport Kits?

One of the unique advantages of metal carport kits is that they allow you to install them yourself. In this case, a day or two is often enough to build small, single-car carports. Understandably, it takes longer to install the larger units depending on the foundation requirements and the working conditions. We suggest you confirm the preparation and assembly duration with your building specialist after deciding on the size of your carport.

Q6. What are the Most Popular Sizes of Metal Carport Kits?

Some of the popular steel carports are 12, 16, 20 and 25 feet wide. The 25-foot-wide option comfortably accommodates two cars side by side. The longer a carport is, the more vehicles can be stored if placed one behind the other. Regardless of your application, it is possible to get a carport kit that specifically meets your unique needs, within your budget and space restrictions.

Contact Us for Steel Carport Kit

A steel carport kit from Toro is the best form of covered shelter available on the market. Ideal for residential, commercial, or industrial use. For more information about our carport kits or any other building we offer, please contact us. We can help you determine the dimensions you require and answer any questions you may have.