Metal Storage Buildings

A steel storage building is the perfect solution for any home or business owner who is looking for a secure and durable storage space. Whether you will use the structure to contain additional items that just don’t fit in your home or you need somewhere to hold inventory, equipment or supplies, Toro Steel provides customized solutions to your storage needs.

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Personal Storage Buildings

metal storage buildings When you have personal belongings that need to be carefully and protectively stored, consider steel – what has become a reliable, sturdy solution and one of the most cost-effective options on the market. Steel requires minimal maintenance, making it one of the most practical building solutions in comparison to traditional building materials.

…Construction stage of our 24 x 25 Steel Storage Building was very exciting! We could finally tell how the arches would fit together into a strong and sturdy structure. The completed steel Building meets our storage needs perfectly!

Morley and Margaret Mehler

Business Storage Buildings

Steel Storage Buildings No matter your industry, you will need a storage location. In construction, this could mean somewhere to safely house machinery and equipment when not in use. Retail stores will require somewhere to place excess stock and process new deliveries. An office will need a place to store records and files. All of these items are important and should be kept in a facility that is strong and secure. Steel is one of the most reliable building materials, and its resistance to weather, pests and other harmful elements will ensure your items are protected.

In addition to being used as single storage structures, steel buildings make ideal choices for creating self-storage facilities. Please speak to one of our representatives if you are looking for a structure to be used in this way, as they can guide you through appropriate sizing and accessories.

Metal Storage Buildings: Designed for YOU

Metal storage buildings have emerged as the leading storage solution for a wide variety of applications, and it is not hard to see why.

Do you have a small lot?

There are metal storage buildings for sale that can be built with enough space for a mezzanine or loft to double the space.

Do you need more garage room?

Choose one of the dual-use metal storage buildings with overhead doors for RVs and vehicles and an abundance of storage space.

Do you want to complement your home?

You can match the exterior finish of your Toro steel storage building to your home by creating a custom exterior finish of brick, stucco, vinyl, stone, or wood.

Do you like to Do-It-Yourself?

Many Toro Steel customers enjoy erecting their own metal storage buildings with assistance from their friends and family. Our metal storage building kits arrive ready to assemble and are manufactured to match your location and needs.

Are there strict building codes in your area?

No problem. Toro steel framing is engineered to meet or exceed all your unique requirements and all current local building codes, rules and regulations.

Advantages of a Toro Metal Storage Building

Some of the many long-term benefits of Toro Steel metal storage buildings are:

Higher Property Value

Having a metal storage building instantly increases the value of your property. This is contrary to old faded wooden sheds which could devalue your property.

Energy Savings

With the optional top of the line insulation, you can cut your heating and cooling costs by as much as 50%. You also have the option of adding solar panels on the roof to drive your energy costs even lower.

Ultimate Protection

Steel buildings from Toro are made from high-quality materials and techniques to withstand a variety of conditions that would impact a structure made from traditional materials. They are designed to meet the specific wind, snow, and seismic loads for your area.

Lower Maintenance

Our metal storage buildings require little to no maintenance over time and are designed to last.

Residential & Commercial Uses of Our Metal Storage Buildings

  • Warehousing
  • Storage units
  • Storage facilities
  • Commercial storage
  • Tools & equipment storage
  • Construction / heavy equipment storage
  • Farm equipment storage
  • Vehicle / boat / forklift / carts / RV storage
  • Multi-use storage space

Versatile Metal Buildings for Small & Large Storage

One of the leading benefits of using steel in constructing storage buildings is flexibility. Being able to achieve many different configurations quickly and easily while still maximizing the usable space is a great advantage.

Standard Storage Building

This is a standard metal shed constructed according to the dimension requirements your application requires. It provides excellent extra storage space for product inventory or files, among many other different uses. The number of ways in which you can use this type of building is limitless. Talk to us about your storage needs, and we will create the perfect storage solution for you.

Large Storage Building

This is a much larger building meant to house and protect larger equipment such as oversized vehicles, aircraft, and other large machinery. Toro can design metal storage buildings of any dimensions with a wide-ranging choice of options, including high doors, windows among other accessories.

Large Roof-Only Storage

Toro also offers clearspan metal storage buildings with a column-free interior that provides expansive space for a wide variety of uses. With the unobstructed space, you can easily maneuver large equipment, trucks and cars without regard about damaging the structure. This also creates more usable space, unlike structures that have interior supporting pillars and columns.

High-Quality Steel & Metal Storage Buildings

If you are searching for a high-quality, reliable, durable storage structure, choose a steel building kit from Toro Steel. Adaptable to fit a variety of sizes and accommodate multiple vehicles, tools, equipment and other items, a steel storage building will provide a safe and customizable option for your unique storage needs. Our structures are available in both straight wall and arch styles, depending on your preference and intended use. If you require assistance with determining which style best suits you, the size you need, or which accessories to consider, please contact the Toro Steel team to speak to an expert in your region.