Advantages of a Metal Storage Building

Advantages of a Metal Storage BuildingPrefab Storage Building

Metal storage buildings have been a clear favourite for many building owners across Canada for quite a while. These practical, economical and incredibly sturdy structures have shown impressive versatility over the years. Whether you want an equipment storage facility for machinery, a garage to store vehicles, a hangar for your aircraft or a roofing system for various applications, you can be sure that a metal building will give you the best value for your money. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the exceptional benefits of using metal buildings. Below are some advantages of choosing metal storage buildings for your project. First, though, it’s important to clear some misconceptions.

Misconceptions about Metal Storage Buildings

They Are Only Suitable for Small Sheds – A steel shed building can be customized into any size, depending on the application. Additionally, when your building exceeds 1200 sq. ft., over time, it will become more cost-effective than conventional structures.

We Pour Concrete and Assemble Your Prefab Storage Building – Most building manufacturers, including Toro, do not pour concrete, erect or assemble your metal storage building. You can either choose to do this yourself or hire a contractor if the structure is more complex.

Steel Shed Buildings Are More Expensive to Own and Maintain – In comparison to other construction materials such as wood, metal is more cost-efficient over time. Although wood might initially seem like a cheaper alternative in certain applications, it can prove to be more expensive than metal structures in the long run.

What Are the Long-Term Maintenance Benefits of Steel Storage Buildings?

Some of the long-term maintenance benefits of prefab storage buildings include:

Design Flexibility – Steel gives you limitless possibilities on what you can have in your metal storage building. It is also sustainable and can be easily recycled, which makes it ideal for storage structures.

Durability – Metal shows excellent durability and resistance to elements, which means you can rest assured that your steel building will properly preserve your equipment, assets and vehicles for a long time.

Designed for Your Area – Unlike brick or wood structures, metal buildings can be designed to your area, including seismic, snow, and wind requirements. This adds peace of mind that your structure will last.

Lower Insurance Costs – Some insurance providers recognize that steel buildings are less likely to be damaged by natural forces, and consequently lower their insurance cost. This may not be the case with all providers, so check with yours.

Reliable Quality – Unlike materials such as wood, which vary piece by piece, steel is uniform across all components. This means that you won’t encounter a piece of steel that has an irregularity or defect affecting your construction and can be confident that each piece is as strong and reliable as another.

Important Factors When Considering a Metal Building

A question we are asked frequently is how long it takes to construct a metal building. With customers, time and construction are typically the two most important factors when deciding to build a storage building.

The time between when you place an order for your steel building to when you receive it varies depending on the type of building, complexity, your manufacturer’s current workload, and more. Contact Toro to learn more about the current timelines. The time it will take to erect your building will also depend on whether you do it yourself or hire a crew.

Multiple Design Options for Larger Items

The versatility of metal buildings gives you multiple design options that allow you to fit large items such as an oversized tractor, bulldozer, truck and or other equipment and machinery. For items like this, the height of the structure and size of the openings is very important so that things can be moved in and out of storage with ease. Be sure to measure the height of your equipment carefully to allow the openings to be designed to fit. A clear span design that provides expansive unobstructed space can also be an ideal solution for storing large equipment or vehicles that need to be moved about.

Storage Building Uses

Along with personal storage, metal storage buildings have many uses, including:

  • Warehousing
  • Storage facility
  • Storage units

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Metal storage buildings offer numerous distinctive benefits during and after construction. If you are thinking about building a storage facility, consider these and other benefits of metal storage and warehousing structures. Contact a Toro building specialist to discuss the endless possibilities offered by metal storage buildings.