Workshop Buildings

A steel workshop is an ideal choice for both personal and professional use. They are durable, reliable, and customizable, allowing you to design it in a way that best suits your needs. The prefabricated shop kits offered by Toro Steel are shipped to your location unassembled and include the required hardware, manuals, and accessories, if any were selected. This kit will require no additional cuts or welds and is ready to be assembled on arrival.

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The Advantage of Building with Steel

Using a steel building for your workshop is a great choice, as it offers a higher level of safety and protection for the contents than traditional building materials. It is also faster to build, allowing you to begin using it sooner. A metal building will last you many years and is not susceptible to things that frequently damage a structure, such as rot, pests, or fire. Because of this, your structure will continue to be safe and sturdy.

I am very proud of my workshop building. It is 40 x 60 – with in-floor heating – and an outdoor wood furnace to provide heat. My neighbours helped to put up the steel sides and fasten the bolts. Looking forward to working in it and getting all my wood working tools in place.

Don Hoshel

Customize Your Workshop to Suit Your Unique Needs

Whether you want to use your workshop for personal repairs and hobbies, or you need it to house your business, our prefab steel building kits can be customized to fit your needs exactly. Our buildings can accommodate widths of up to 200’ while still maintaining the clear-span interior. This gives you a wide-open space with which to install equipment such as lifts and hoists, while also providing ample space to drive vehicles and equipment such as forklifts.

Prefabricated Steel Workshops
Metal Workshops Buildings

Trust Toro to Deliver High-Quality Steel Workshops

Each of our building kits comes with engineer certified plans, giving you peace of mind that your structure has been thoughtfully and carefully designed to meet local codes and your needs.

Our structures are available in both straight wall and arch styles, depending on your preference and intended use. If you require assistance with determining which style best suits you, the size you need, or which accessories to consider, please contact the Toro Steel team to speak to an expert in your region.