Workshop Buildings

A steel workshop is an ideal choice for both personal and professional use. They are durable, reliable, and customizable, allowing you to design it in a way that best suits your needs. The prefabricated shop kits offered by Toro Steel are shipped to your location unassembled and include the required hardware, manuals, and accessories, if any were selected. This kit will require no additional cuts or welds and is ready to be assembled on arrival.

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The Advantage of Building with Steel

Using a steel building for your workshop is a great choice, as it offers a higher level of safety and protection for the contents than traditional building materials. It is also faster to build, allowing you to begin using it sooner. A metal building will last you many years and is not susceptible to things that frequently damage a structure, such as rot, pests, or fire. Because of this, your structure will continue to be safe and sturdy.

I finished around the doors and window with rough cedar and simply stained it with Thompsons. I still need to paint the man door white once the weather warms up. I find the simpler and more natural ones stay and the better the look….in my eye anyway. I am very pleased with your product as well as the customer support I have received. I was short a bunch of the white pegs for the insulation you guys came through with them in a very friendly and expeditious manner which I very much appreciated. I am loving the building and I will send you some inside pics once I complete a project I have going on in there. Having purchased two buildings from you folks, and planning possibly a third!

Ron VY
St. Charles, ON

Customize Your Workshop to Suit Your Unique Needs

Whether you want to use your workshop for personal repairs and hobbies, or you need it to house your business, our prefab steel building kits can be customized to fit your needs exactly. Our buildings can accommodate widths of up to 200’ while still maintaining the clear-span interior. This gives you a wide-open space with which to install equipment such as lifts and hoists, while also providing ample space to drive vehicles and equipment such as forklifts.

Prefabricated Steel Workshops
Metal Workshops Buildings

Customization Options for Workshop Buildings:

When choosing workshop buildings, it is important to start by deciding how you intend to use the structure. This can be to accommodate equipment, vehicles, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or leisure space. This will help guide you on how much space you’ll need for the various applications. There is no limit on what metal workshop buildings can be used for.

At Toro Steel Buildings, our products are made from high-quality steel to offer strength and durability. They are also designed with a clear span interior. This allows for higher ceilings and more usable interior space for a variety of residential and commercial applications. You also have the flexibility of customizing your workshop any way you like with different roof styles, colours, walk-in doors, windows, extra office space, dividing interior walls, canopies and many more options.

Prefab Steel Workshop Buildings for Sale

Doing things yourself is incredibly relaxing and rewarding. For most DIY enthusiasts, it gets their creative juices flowing and inspires independent thought. However, finding a suitable space to work and store essential tools, materials, and equipment can be challenging. This is one of the leading reasons why DIY enthusiasts love metal workshop buildings – it fits their passion for building things with their own two hands. With the help of a few friends, you can bolt together the various parts. In this way, your workshop becomes one of the many fun projects that you did yourself.

Steel Garages and Auto Repair Shops

The auto repair industry stands to gain many benefits from prefab metal workshop buildings. With steel as the primary building material, metal auto repair shop buildings are fire-resistant. Steel is not only non-combustible, but it also does not add fuel in case of a fire. This is a vital property for garages and auto repair shops, considering that they house gasoline and other flammable materials. Additionally, prefabricated metal garages are easy to assemble and take about one-third of the time taken with other building materials. This means you can have a reliable repair shop up and running in no time.

Steel Workshop Buildings Uses

Some of the many uses of steel workshop buildings include:

  • Auto bodywork and repair shops
  • Car, RV, and boat garage space
  • Audio/ video editing equipment storage
  • Computer/ electronics lab
  • Hobby shop
  • Furniture building implements
  • Home office space
  • Maintenance areas
  • Garden and lawn tools and equipment
  • Recording studio
  • Mechanical or metal shop and tools
  • Neatly organizing tools for a functional workspace
  • Storage for classic cars, tractors, motorcycles and even bicycles
  • Room for weekend projects and serious work
  • Woodworking and carpentry projects and tools
  • Welding workspace and tools
  • Supply cabinets and workbenches
  • Privacy and more

Workshop Building Sizes

When trying to determine the right size for your metal workshop building, it’s important to consider how you intend to use it. Some people have a clear picture of the building dimensions they need. If you fall into this category, contact us with your design, and we will bring it to life.

However, most customers only have a few details on what they need, such as how many vehicles, the types of equipment or the items they want to house, as well as how the structure will be used. Most people fall into this category, which is why Toro Steel Buildings has some of the most customer-friendly staff in the industry. Our design and engineering experts take time to listen to your needs, intended uses and future plans. We then take your ideas and work to design a building that best suits your needs and budget.

Typical workshop building lengths range from 40’ to 200’ while the width varies from 20’ to 60’ in 10’ increments. We can create the perfect workshop building for your unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Workshop Buildings

What is a Home Workshop Building?

This is your separate area away from the house with the space and equipment you need to take on personal projects. Workshop buildings can be used for various purposes, including but not limited to hobby shops, garage spaces, recording studios, and art studios.

How Much Will It Cost to Build a Workshop Building?

Prefabricated steel workshop buildings are the most preferred workshops. They are frequently less expensive to build than starting your own workshop from scratch and can be completed faster. The cost depends on many factors, including location, building size and specification, and any optional upgrades. The long-term financial savings of owning a metal workshop building make it a worthwhile investment.

What Do I Need to Build a Workshop?

The prefab workshops for sale by Toro are shipped to your location ready for assembly and include the required manuals, hardware, and accessories, if any were selected. The kits do not require any additional cuts, welds or shaping, which makes them easy to assemble quickly.

How Big Is a Metal Workshop Building?

The average length of most workshop buildings is between 40’ and 200’ while the width is between 20’ and 60’ in ten feet increments depending on the intended use. Whether you want to use your workshop to house your business or for personal hobbies and repairs, Toro’s prefab steel building kits can be easily customized to fit your specific needs. Our metal buildings can be as wide as 200’ while still maintaining a clear-span interior which increases the functionality and versatility of the space.

Trust Toro to Deliver High-Quality Steel Workshops

Each of our building kits comes with engineer certified plans, giving you peace of mind that your structure has been thoughtfully and carefully designed to meet local codes and your needs.

Our structures are available in both straight wall and arch styles, depending on your preference and intended use. If you require assistance with determining which style best suits you, the size you need, or which accessories to consider, please contact the Toro Steel team to speak to an expert in your region.