Go Green with Steel Buildings

At Toro Steel Buildings, we are committed to helping the environment and supporting the advancement of eco-friendly, green building solutions. Steel is the number one most recycled material in North America, making a building from Toro Steel an eco-conscious choice.

A benefit of steel is that it doesn’t lose any strength or structural integrity through the recycling process. This means that once a metal structure is no longer needed, it can be broken down, and the material reused in another building. Prefabricated steel buildings are also more energy-efficient than any other building material.

Toro Steel Buildings adheres to a set of guidelines and follows industry initiatives designed to promote a Green Mission and Vision and create a positive environmental impact.

This is done in the following ways:

  • Considering the impact on the environment the building will have when it is erected and in the future. This is done to conserve natural resources such as raw materials, energy and space.
  • Understanding the economic impact by creating and implementing solutions to lower operating costs, improve productivity and performance, and enhance the asset value.
  • Improving building conditions such as occupant comfort, safety, and air quality.

What Makes Us Green

We provide a selection of building options to our customers in an effort to help promote how beneficial recyclability, durability, and energy conservation are when making an environmentally friendly decision. Many of the characteristics in the materials, technology and processes we use help contribute to the overall green factor of Toro Steel.


The roofing and wall panels used in a steel building are nearly 100% recyclable. This is in direct contrast to many other non-metal building materials, which have a one-time use. A building from Toro may contain up to 50% recycled steel, depending on the project it is being used for. Creating a new steel component from recycled metal uses as little as ¼ the amount of manufacturing energy as other fabrication processes.


A steel wall or roof panel can last from 40 – 60 years. This leads to a reduction in waste when compared to other less durable building materials that will often end up in a landfill once it breaks down. Because they are so durable and resistant to things such as fire, mold, insects, and weather conditions, a steel roof has a longer lifespan than other roof types. It also requires less maintenance while affording more time between replacements.


Energy Conservation
In the steel building industry, there is what is known as cool paint colors. When applied to metal, these panels will reflect the sun’s heat out into the surrounding area instead of bringing it into the building. At Toro, all of our straight wall roof panels are coated with these cool paint colors. When combined with the design of the roof’s slope, a cool roof helps to naturally reduce the energy cost and consumption of the building using solar reflectivity.

Along with offering cool roofs, the insulated panels available through Toro help to improve energy efficiency. It helps to control the internal temperature by keeping cool air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter. The panels are ideal for various wall and roof applications.

Green Resources

Toro Steel Buildings utilizes the large number of green resources and manufacturing advancements available in our industry to better understand current environmental standards and their long-term benefits. Our designers, engineers and project managers consistently stay up to date with new developments in our industry and work to ensure we apply the latest technologies to improve our designs and continue to enhance our processes.