Overhead Doors

For the larger door option in our arch style steel buildings, we offer overhead doors designed for use in all residential, commercial and industrial applications. Made from heavy duty grade steel, they feature a tight weather seal as well as high levels of thermal efficiency for your building.

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Available in 3 standard sizes:

  1. 10’w x 10’h
  2. 10’w x 12’h
  3. 12’w x 14’h

Benefits of Overhead Doors

  • High Performance Steel
  • Bright White Color Only
  • R-16.3 Insulation
  • Includes Slide Lock, Pull Rope and Weather Seal
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty

More Info

For more information on steel overhead doors and choosing the best option for your steel building, feel free to call 1-877-870-8676 and speak directly to one of our Building Specialists.