True Pricing

customers true pricingAt Toro Steel Buildings, we offer our customers true pricing. This means the final price you pay for your steel building is what it will cost to be engineered for your exact location and it will directly reflect the specifications required for that location.

We do not believe in misleading our customers, which is why we cannot post pricing on our website. Every building project will have different cost factors. Often, the prices you see for steel buildings on other companies’ websites are merely a base price for the structure. They probably will not be up to code in most areas and likely don’t include any design details such as openings, nor any finishing options, nor the cost of delivery. This would therefore make any published price very misleading.

We also choose not to post inflated prices on our website in an attempt to compensate for the factors that may not apply to many others. This is because each project is unique to each customer and unlike other products there isn’t any way to offer “one size fits all” pricing.

Our steel buildings are not mass-produced and cannot be priced that way. Multiple factors need to be taken into account for each structure and situation.

These include:

  • The specific wind, snow, and seismic loads of the location the structure will be placed which dictates the gauge of steel required
  • What the building will be used for which also impacts the gauge of steel
  • The design of the structure, including doors, windows, front and back walls and additional accessories such as base plates, ventilation and insulation to name the most common
  • Where the building is to be delivered

For these reasons, we work with each customer individually to be able to provide the most accurate and true pricing for their project. Our honest approach to our customers about their building projects and the prices gives people a sense of trust and peace of mind that can only come from a personalized style of doing business.