Architects, Engineers & General Contractors

Special Projects Group (SPG) is a unified venture within the Toro Steel Buildings organization, working high-profile and high-complexity deals worldwide. We will be your trusted advisors.

Our steel arch system achieves multiple building goals: rapid assembly, expandability, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance. We are solutions-minded, and we’ll customize a perfect fit for your project.


Our advanced Toro Steel Buildings can be customized with hundreds of features to match exact tender plans or a client’s concept dream. There is virtually no limit to the dimensions or capabilities we’re capable of manufacturing.


For both of our brands, we bring to the table extensive partner relationships with erectors, civil engineers, permit consultants and fixture specialists. We exercise problem solving and value optimization on every project.

Creating the best team for your Special Project is key to the success of Toro Buildings. We have thousands of customers with projects of all sizes that all begin with them coming to us with a concept and together with the skill and input from our valued trades partners…we bring these steel building visions to life – from the ground up.

Check out these straight wall project videos that showcase the scope of the various levels of design and assembly we do for our customers –  from a fairly simple structure right through to one of the largest agricultural facilities in the country as well as a multiple facilities for the largest, private cannabis company in California. The planning and execution necessary in these high complexity projects are why customers partner with Toro.

Our collaborative efforts with architects and designers over the years has resulted in some incredible projects that we are have been thrilled to be involved with. Everything from residential homes as well as commercial and retail structures with unique uses of steel.  Some have given us incredible exposure like this custom roof and arch ceiling we supplied for an executive work space and medical offices in San Antonio, Texas. This Delta Terra Square project has garnered much interest and has been selected as a qualifier for a builders award with further coverage in ICF Builder Magazine.

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