About Us

We began our arch style building business back in the early ‘80s and developed a reputation and reach for a very reliable and successful product line. Over the last decade, recognizing there was a need to offer our customers options, we then expanded our product line to also include the popular straight wall design. Being able to offer both steel building formats is what sets us apart in this industry. We continue to operate with one key principle in mind: providing high-quality steel buildings to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers. We have kept this at the forefront of everything we do and work continuously to offer our clients customized and reliable structures they can count on – in the format they choose.


Our attention to detail, understanding of our customer’s needs, and true pricing have earned us the reputation of one of the leading steel building manufacturers in Canada and USA. We have an amazing team that features leading engineering, production and customer service professionals. With their help, we create products we are confident in and provide outstanding service to our clients.

When working with us, our customers receive the benefit of our combined decades of knowledge that they can count on when they need it, and the confidence of knowing products they purchase are high-quality, are engineer-certified and backed by warranty. Throughout the years, our team has worked to design all levels of structures, from small and simple one-room personal garages up to complex multi-story commercial facilities. This allows us to provide unique insight and assistance when our clients need us.

When buying a structure from TORO, be confident knowing you are purchasing not only a building made from one of the most durable materials used today but also that you are making an environmentally conscious choice. Steel is able to be recycled without losing its strength or structural integrity. When a new component is made from this recycled metal, it uses one-quarter of the amount of energy that would otherwise be required to create new pieces.


Quality Control and Standards

  • TORO buildings are designed by Licensed Professional Engineers fully registered in Canada and the United States.
  • TORO building components are designed and manufactured under the governance of strict quality standard CAN/CSA-A660 in an AISC accredited facility. Regular audits include personnel, design and engineering, materials control, fabrication and plant quality to ensure compliance to approved construction documents and standards in building codes.
  • TORO welding standards are in accordance with the requirements set forth by American Standard – AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code for Steel.
  • TORO products are certified to a variety of Underwriters Laboratory (UL) and Factory Mutual (FM) standards.

Arch Style Certifications

As part of the CAN/CSA A660-10 compliance, manufacturers are required to provide a “Certificate of Design and Manufacturing Conformance” signed and sealed by a licensed Professional Engineer for each building project.CAN/CSA A660 certification includes a quality control audit like ISO, however, ISO certification only verifies that a company can manufacture a product consistently and does not address whether a steel building system has been designed in accordance with the applicable codes or whether the staff is qualified to undertake the work. CAN/CSA A660 audits include all aspects of the manufacturer’s process, including engineering design methods and personnel, materials control, fabrication, warehousing, packaging, shipping, erecting, and quality assurance in the plant.

  • Designated an Ontario Corporation.
  • Future Buildings steel arches are designed based on the load requirements set out in the International Building Code, National Building Code of Canada, Eurocode and/or comparable codes.
  • Designs are in accordance with CAN/CSA 136-12 or AISI S100-12, NASPEC, North American Specification for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members and with ANSI/ASCE 7-15.
  • Manufacturer is certified under CSA A660-10 (Certification of Manufacturers of Steel Building Systems) for design, materials, production and quality control, audited annually by an independent and approved engineering firm to ensure strict compliance (CSA A660-10 #FUTUR0). Certificates of compliance issued with each project in Canada.
  • Arch panels approved under FL#15623R2 to withstand hurricane force winds in Florida, including specific approval in High Velocity Hurricane Zones.
  • Certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau under CSAW 47.1.
  • Galvalume Plus™ steel to current ASTM A792 requirements and fasteners to ASTM A307 requirements.