Straight Wall Warranty

Material and Workmanship Warranties:

  • TORO will furnish a one (1) year limited warranty against failures caused by faulty or substandard material within limits set by the warranty, with every building designed and manufactured by TORO. This “TORO Building Limited Warranty” will also certify the design criteria used for the structural design of the building.
  • The “TORO Building Limited Warranty” also includes the standard roof and wall paint warranties. The type of panel and finish are to be written in on the warranty document and this establishes the applicable warranty period.

Paint Warranties:

  • Twenty-Five (25) Year Warranty – TORO’s Standard Paint:
  • All panels which are color coated with TORO’s Standard Paint may be warranted, within limits
  • Set by the warranty, for a period of 25 years against chalk, fade, crack, check, blister or peel. This 25-year wall paint warranty is offered only if so requested on the contract documents as indicated in the “TORO Building Limited Warranty”.

Arch Style Warranty

Every  building purchased at Future Buildings will be accompanied by the following warranties:

  • A forty (40) year limited warranty against rust perforation.
  • A sixty (60) day warranty against delivery shortages and/or items which were defective in material or workmanship.
  • A (30) year limited warranty on damage caused by snow or wind.

All warranties are subject to limitations and exclusions as outlined in the “Future Steel Buildings Intl. Corp. Warranty Certificate”.