Commercial Steel Buildings

At Toro, we have worked with many contractors, developers, and business owners to design and deliver a metal building for commercial use. In any business, a steel building is an ideal solution for the needs of the company and industry.

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Metal buildings are sturdy, reliable and perfect for expanding a current business or building a new one. You are able to include accessories such as shipping and receiving doors, ventilation, skylights, and insulation which in effect is creating the ideal interior for your business.

5 Stars! Very good to deal with. Delivery was on time. And after sales service great.

Robin C.
60×80 Commercial Building
Faribault, Minnesota

Strong and Lasting Structures

Steel, by nature, is one of the strongest building materials. This means that a steel structure will offer unparalleled durability and reliability while also withstanding tough climate conditions such as heat, high winds, snow and heavy rain. Each of our commercial buildings is created and designed by our team of engineers to meet the snow and seismic loads of your area, ensuring that it withstands the tests of time – and the elements – for decades to come. It also has low maintenance requirements, meaning less time spent caring for the structure and undertaking repairs.

Uses for Commercial Metal Buildings

Our commercial steel buildings serve businesses in a variety of industries and stages of the purchase process, including manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, transportation depots, utility stations and more. They are also an excellent choice for outlet centers, retail stores, strip malls and offices. Our ability to create the right structure on time and within budget is unmatched throughout the industry.

Commercial Metal Buildings
commercial steel buildings

Design the Right Structure for You

We value the relationships we create with the customer and their key project personnel to fully understand their specific needs. Because of this, we are able to design the right building solution that respects their budget, local codes and deadlines. Our personal touch and in-depth efforts to perfectly design the building that is required sets us apart from our competition. Our buildings are not cookie cutter manufactured and neither is our approach to customers. We take the time with each project to understand its unique needs.

I found Toro when I was searching for a metal building company on line. When I called Toro I got in touch with a rep. They were very knowledgeable and resourceful in answering my multitude of questions. They were very patient in assisting me in arriving at the appropriate size and style of the structure.


Our commercial metal buildings feature a clear span interior up to 200’ wide, providing you with open interior space without interior columns. This makes it easier to maneuver machinery such as forklifts, crane systems, and more. If your structure needs to be wider than this, please contact us to discuss our framing options.

The commercial steel buildings from Toro Steel are available in both straight wall and arch styles, depending on your preference and intended use. If you require assistance with determining which style best suits you, the size you need, or which accessories to consider, please contact the Toro Steel team to speak to an expert in your region.

Toro shipped everything on time for our winery, the quality was as expected AND call backs to Toro engineering were responded to the same day. Excellent product and service follow-up.

Windrush Estate Winery, Hockley Valley, ON


Q1. What Is a Pre-Engineered or Prefabricated Steel Building?

Whether you prefer to refer to them as “prefabricated,” “pre-engineered,” or “pre-manufactured,” these buildings are an economical alternative to the more conventional building designs and accommodate a wide range of structural needs.

In simpler terms, a pre-engineered steel building is a type of structure where the parts and metal components are prefabricated. This is done by a manufacturer at a plant and created according to the completed building’s design specifications. The components are then sent to the buyer who erects the building at the site.

By using steel, prefabricated buildings have a lower structural weight, which adds to their versatility. They also use different framing methods where instead of traditional “I” sections in conventional steel buildings, the sections are tapered. Another common theme with prefabricated buildings is that all structural elements used work together seamlessly, significantly reducing the time needed to build them in comparison to conventional steel.

Q2. What Are Some of The Best Uses For Commercial Steel Buildings?

Commercial steel buildings can be designed to suit many different functions. That said, they are commonly used as:

  • Warehouses
  • Equipment storage (mechanical components, machinery, heavy equipment, building and production materials and other tools)
  • Distribution and shipment centers
  • Car washes and commercial garages
  • Open-plan workspaces
  • Malls and commercial storefronts
  • Commercial office space

Q3. How Much Will I Save By Installing A Pre-Engineered Steel Building?

The cost savings you realize from commercial steel buildings start during construction and extend over the life of the building. Although the price of steel buildings fluctuates with the steel market, you will also save money on labour and other time-based expenses during construction. Many smaller structures are also considerably faster to erect than conventional buildings. Over their life, steel buildings continue to save you money as their maintenance requirements are minimal. They also provide better protection from the weather and elemental damage in comparison to structures made from traditional materials. With additional accessories such as insulation and skylights, they are extremely energy efficient, saving you on heating and lighting costs.