Container Covers

* Please note we do not supply the containers

A simple and practical roofing solution for your business is a container cover. It helps to reimagine what would otherwise be unused space and transform it into something more functional like a storage area or covered workspace. The lack of beams, trusses, or interior supports means that you will have a completely open space to transform in any way you’d like.

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How a Container Cover Works

A container cover is mounted to two shipping containers (customer supplied) using our mounting plates. The containers then act as the walls of the structure. This arched roofing system is able to provide coverage and protection for anything you choose to house underneath it. Often, people decide to convert their container covers into garages, equipment storage, workshops, and a variety of other commercial applications.

Internet or phone purchases can be a harrowing experience, especially on something like a large storage building–not with Toro. In fact, they were a lot easier and nicer to deal with than local companies.


If you require a more secure and closed space, optional end walls are available. This will create a more traditional metal structure. Additional accessories that can be added include skylights, man doors, shipping doors, ventilation, and insulation.

A How-To for Container Covers 

Our Container Covers are designed to be erected with real speed and ease. Each kit comes with special mounting plates that affix directly to the containers and then work to hold the roofing panels in place as you add them one by one. Such a clever example of how combining our steel arches with your repurposed containers as a base results in endless new uses for storage, shelter and space!

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Varying Sizes to Accommodate Your Needs

Container CoversOur container covers are available in a variety of widths. We have systems available in 20’, 25’, 30’, 35’, 40’, 45’, 50’, 55’, and 60’ widths, and they can be created to be any length. This ensures that no matter the scope of your project, you have the right size container cover for the job. All of our roofing systems are coated with Galvalume PlusTM to provide you with excellent rust protection, and each system has been engineered to accommodate the weather, including heavy rains and snow loads.

If you are interested in purchasing a container cover, contact an expert at Toro Steel to discuss your needs and get a quote for your project.