Recreational Buildings and Arenas

Recreational Buildings & Arenas


  • Permits the largest open clear span interior
  • Easily insulated for year-round animal comfort
  • Design versatility for lofts and upper storage
  • Smart investment to protect the tools of livelihood

Steel buildings have always been a popular choice for so many recreational applications due to their comparatively low construction cost and lower maintenance requirements.

The column-free interior in this type of building provides optimal space allowance with no obstructing support beams, which is a must in the case of facilities such as ice rinks, pools, and equestrian arenas. The recreational buildings available through Toro have been designed and delivered for community ice rinks, high school gyms, indoor tennis courts, riding arenas and more.

Our recreational buildings and arenas are an ideal solution when you require open space. Whether you are looking to create an arena, house indoor soccer or tennis tournaments, open a pool, operate a gymnastics studio, or create a stadium, a clear span recreational building from Toro is the ideal solution. Steel structures are durable, eco-friendly, and require little maintenance to stay performing at their top levels. They are able to be constructed quickly, allowing you to begin running your business faster. Additionally, they provide a safe and comfortable indoor space for both big and small recreational applications.

Top Reasons to Choose Toro Steel Buildings

Engineered for Your Area

Whether you live somewhere that is prone to heavy snow, or strong winds, each building from Toro is designed to withstand the environment in your area, giving you peace of mind that your structure will be safe.

Quick to Construct

A steel building can be assembled in far less time than a structure made using traditional building materials.

Excellent Environment for a Variety of Recreational Uses

A steel building offers ample space, great lighting, high ceilings, and a stable structure.

Wide Variety of Colour Options to Suit Your Needs

At Toro, you have the ability to customize the wall and trim colours to your liking from our selection of available options.

How You Can Use A Recreational Building from Toro

  • Public or Hockey Ice Rink
  • Gym
  • Sports Facility
  • Gymnastics Studio
  • Dance Academy
  • Cheerleading Facility
  • Equestrian Arena
  • Indoor Go-Karting
  • Rock Climbing
  • Indoor Soccer Field
  • Indoor Tennis Court
  • Event Venue
  • Stadium
  • Indoor Basketball Court

Choose Toro for Your Recreational Building Needs

At Toro, we work to provide you with versatile, durable and reliable structures for your recreational needs. For more details or if you have any questions, please contact us.

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