Get a Storage Space That Fits Your Compact Yard With Our Mini Steel Building Packages

blog-mini-storage-1If you’re looking to transform your yard so it’s more organized, or a do-it-yourself project such as building an office, a storage unit, or a small business facility, a mini steel building package provides the perfect solution. Many farmers, small business owners, mechanics, landscapers, carpenters, mental workers, and others have found these mini buildings a great advantage and addition to their business. As well, depending on the size of your home property, you can have a private space outside of the home for hobbies, pool houses, storage, playhouses, and more. And with ground-level steel buildings, it’s easy to transport equipment or materials in and out of the building hassle-free.

Miniature Buildings, Maximum Results

Both the one door and two door classic mini steel buildings come in prefabricated construction kits and ready for immediate delivery. The kits are held together through bolts and are easier to assemble than your average building block set. You can sacrifice the rapid arrival with a more customized building kit, with potential options including gutters and downspouts for managing rain flow along with adjustable building size to meet the needs of lands of any shape. The trim, siding, and roof are all adjustable between 13 color choices to fit any environment.

All of this is in addition to the standard benefits offered by a steel building manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen, such as durability, little maintenance requirements, recycability and fire resistance.

One Door Classic Mini Steel Building Kit

At 20 feet by 24 feet, the single door version of the compact steel building gives you 480 square feet of floor space to transform into whatever you need while still being slim enough to fit into a small parcel of land. A large garage door measuring 8 feet by 8 feet can handle moving in material as large as a vehicle, while a standard man-sized door allows standard entry and exit. This small model can squeeze its way into locations that might have otherwise gone unutilized and underappreciated.

Two Door Class Mini Steel Building Kit

If you have a bit more space but don’t have quite enough to upgrade to a full-sized building, the two door miniature storage unit can still take your personal workspace to a professional level. Despite the “mini” in its name, the 25 feet by 30 feet structure provides 750 square feet – or over 150% of the space in the single door model – of protected area for your crafting projects, tools, vehicles, and valuables. An extra 8 feet by 8 feet opening allows multiple entryways for convenience and simultaneous work on multiple vehicles or large projects requiring outside access.

Take Charge of Your Land

Letting a piece of property go to waste while spending excessive service charges is no longer necessary with a Toro mini steel building kit. Sit a small shed on the edge of a gardening project to provide easy access to the equipment without harming your crops, or transform the long-forgotten backyard that’s too small for most physical activities into a clubhouse for the kids that is safe and secure. No matter how small the yard is, a Toro steel building can let you get the most from your land.