Maintaining Your Steel Building

Maintaining Your Steel BuildingWhen it comes to constructing commercial buildings, steel is undoubtedly one of the most popular materials to use, mainly due to its durability and strength, as well as the fact that it requires very little maintenance. Although your building was built to last, some maintenance work is still essential for all steel buildings; here are a few tips that any building owner or maintenance manager can benefit from.

Surface Protection

It’s important to ensure that the surface of your steel building is properly protected. There are various methods that you can use and it largely depends on your environment as well as your specific structure. One of the most commonly used surface protection coatings is a metallic coating, usually done by means of hot dip galvanizing. You can also consider cold galvanizing and even metalizing for your steel building, which is a process that consists of molten metal that is projected at a high velocity to your prepared surface.

Consider Your Insulation

Insulation is one of the most important aspects when it comes to maintaining the temperature inside your steel building structure. Weakened or damaged insulation can allow for moisture to build up over time and this can be very harmful for your steel structure. A weakened or damaged insulation can also increase your building’s energy costs as it influences the heating and cooling system of your steel building. Increased moisture can also add to rust build-up, which can further damage your steel structure.

Repair and Replacement of Fasteners

You should regularly inspect all fasteners such as nuts, rivets and screws to help maintain your steel building. Loose fasteners should be tightened and those that are damaged or worn should be replaced; also make sure that you replace rivets to keep moisture from corroding your steel surface. You can paint rusted fastener heads with a similar colour paint.


Although a newly built steel building will be finished with a paint and a sealer, you might notice dents, scratches and other damage over time. This will require repainting and refilling with a metal filler from time to time. It’s a good idea to keep a small amount of matching paint on hand to do smaller spot repairs when necessary.

Clean Your Steel Building Annually

It’s important to wash your steel building thoroughly on an annual basis, to prevent the build-up of any fungi or harmful blemishes that might cause further damage to your structure. You can mix warm water with ammonia or any general household cleaning product in conjunction with a low-pressure power washer.

Annual Maintenance Checks

It’s important to perform annual maintenance checks for your steel building as this will allow you to notice any potential issues before it becomes a crucial problem or causes further damage to your building. Establish a maintenance schedule and keep maintenance records on file; you can also choose to work with a contractor to ensure that your checks are performed properly by an experienced individual or team.

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