Pre-fabricated Steel Buildings: A Logistics and Warehousing Solution


Business often grows at an accelerated rate. Sometimes to the point that it’s so overwhelming you can’t continue to succeed without additional space. The usual decision is to rent office and warehousing space to accommodate your business’ significant growth. Although being the most common route taken, many are unaware of the alternatives to leasing these locations. One of the most effective ways to accommodate increased logistics and warehousing needs is through the construction of a pre-fabricated steel warehouse and office structure. Below are 3 key reasons why you should consider building your own business specific warehouse.

Cuts Costs

The most important factor in any business decision is its effect on your bottom line. While the initial cost may be expensive to construct your very own logistics and warehousing structure, it is significantly less expensive in the long run in comparison to paying a monthly lease. Along with monthly lease payments, there are often logistics and warehousing fees that add to your business expenses.

Instead of renting an office along with warehousing space, your cost is consolidated into your very own building. Whether you purchase the structure outright or mortgage your logistics and warehousing structure, you are allocating money wisely.

Sound Investment

blog-warehousing-2A lease payment is continual. In the finance world they call it a perpetuity — which means never ending. By allocating those funds into paying for your very own logistics and warehousing structure, you are essentially paying the same monthly amount, perhaps less, towards a sum that will eventually become paid off. At the end of the day you are investing into a business asset, you’re payments aren’t infinite and you are adding value to your property. Immediately you have a structure that holds all your products, houses your office space and can increase productivity and efficiency through its all-encompassing build. Later down the road you may even have the opportunity to lease extra space in your logistics and warehousing structure to add additional income to your business!

Customizable Building

Probably the best thing about building your very own logistics and warehousing structure is the fact that you have complete control over its design and function. You can customize every aspect of the building to meet your specific business needs. You decide on the building’s overall dimensions, you decide the interior layout, the amount of rooms, doors windows – everything. You can customize how many truck bays you require for easy shipping and receiving, you decide on the specific dimensions of the storage areas for your products and you customize the entire layout of your office space. The beauty of building your very own pre-fabricated steel structure is that it doesn’t have to look like a boring warehouse. There are customization options that can allow your logistics and warehousing structure to match your existing buildings, through choice of colour, siding, roofing, windows, doors, etc.

If your business is experiencing significant growth and you are thinking about the next step, consider building your very own logistics and warehouse structure. The building will cater to your industry specific needs, it combines all aspects of the business under one roof and it will prove more effective than a traditional lease. Most importantly, owning your own facility is a much more financially sound investment than continual leasing.