The Benefits of Mini Storage Building Kits


One of the greatest advantages of steel buildings is that they offer a variety of options well-suited for a multitude of applications. However, you may find that many steel building manufacturers don’t offer options for those who need more compact building solutions. Often, location, application and budget considerations make a larger structure unfeasible. Fortunately, select steel building manufacturers have begun providing mini storage building kits to meet this demand. The mini building options are beneficial because they offer customers:

  • Practical, compact sizes that are perfect for smaller spaces and modest budgets
  • Durability and security
  • Very easy DIY assembly (the structure can be put up in one day!)

Mini storage building kits are becoming an increasingly popular option for people and businesses from a wide range of industries. Most commonly, they are used by farmers, contractors, mechanics and landscapers who require a secure steel building but don’t need an abundance of square footage.

Furthermore, mini storage building kits include a variety of customization options, including additional length, gutters, downspouts and more.

Toro Steel Classic Mini Building Kits

At Toro Steel, we’ve developed two distinct mini storage building kits in order to meet the demands of customers seeking more compact, budget-friendly solutions: the One-Door Classic Mini and the Two-Door Classic Mini.

One-Door: Available in the 20W x 24L dimension (with option for extended length), this kit come equipped with engineered seal drawings, and 8’ x 8’ framed opening, 26 gauge color roof and wall panel, and a door for the side of the building. It is ideal for garages, storage, equipment housing, and maintenance shops.

Two-Door: With a 25W x 30L dimension (and the opportunity to extend the length), the Two-Door Classic Mini boasts the same specs as the one-door, with an additional 8’ x 8’ framed opening and a 3:12 roof pitch. This option is ideal for utility buildings, but also for garage and storage areas that require slightly more square footage than the one-door offers.

Both of these pre-kitted mini buildings are ready for immediate delivery. And, with an intuitive bolt-together design, they offer one of the quickest and easiest installations the market has to offer!

Request your free quote today, or if you require additional accessories for your mini storage building kit, call us at 1-877-870-8676 and inquire about your options!