The Best Steel Buildings for Hay Storage

The Best Steel Buildings for Hay Storage

A critical part of any successful working farm with livestock is the ability to store grasses like hay, which is used for animal fodder. When you spend all of that time to harvest your quality hay, then you want to ensure that it is protected until you need to use it. Steel buildings are the perfect option for hay storage; here are some to consider.

Agricultural storage buildings

Agricultural steel storage buildings are the best steel buildings because they can provide all of the main features needed to protect your hay, whether you choose to bundle it in small or large square bales.

Weather tight and durable

Your hay steel storage building needs to stand up to the elements and keep the storage contents clean, dry and well ventilated. This is easily accomplished with the best steel buildings because they are made from a material that is by its nature resistant to elements.

The best steel buildings for hay storage will not chip, distort or endure any other type of weather damage to the structure. Hay storage needs to ensure that the wind loads will never blow off the roof, and with it, your hay. Your hay storage building will be durable, long-lasting and require far less maintenance than traditional buildings.

Properly ventilated

In northern communities, where snow can be a problem, you need the best steel buildings to protect your hay over the winter months. This includes proper ventilation. Your hay storage steel building can be insulated, as well as be given a variety of roof accessories that will keep the storage unit ventilated and able to control condensation.

Since hay fires, which usually occur with weeks of baling, are usually caused by moisture causing the hay to spontaneously combust, keeping hay dry and the building well ventilated is critical to protecting the hay. And the best steel buildings for hay storage are also better for fire control since steel is fire resistant, and the buildings can be ventilated keeping hay dry.

Fully enclosed

You need the best steel buildings to allow you to access and handle your hay. The best steel buildings for hay storage require at least an 18 foot clearance to allow you to back up your a fully loaded wagon to unload. If you use large round bales, this requirement is less important. Your best steel buildings for hay storage can be designed to meet these specifications.

Roof only, or roof and side storage buildings

In warmer climates a roof only structure, or an arch shape with open ends, are two other excellent best steel buildings for hay storage possibilities. They can ensure that the hay stays dry, is well ventilated and can prevent spoilage as well as enclosed hay storage buildings.

Importantly, a roof only or roof and side storage building needs to be on a well-drained site to ensure that hay is not kept in water. As a rule, hay stacked on wet ground can add in moisture to the hay ruining the entire stack.