Top 5 Benefits of Steel Farm Buildings

Farm buildings have been around for centuries, and will continue to be around for many centuries to come. The difference today is that our ability to build long lasting farm structures has improved dramatically. Steel farm buildings are becoming even more affordable, and proving to be worth the investment due to their longevity and durability. Below is a breakdown of the top 5 benefits of steel farm buildings:

Protects Equipment

Farm equipment such as tractors, trailers, ploughs, harvesters, baler’s and back-hoes are expensive and highly lucrative farm equipment. Farmers need these machines and vehicles to work and survive. With that said, Canadian weather fluctuates from one day to the next and we see the extremes of both hot summers and cold winters. Because of weather alone, farming equipment should be stored indoors whenever possible as it will protect them from weathering and weather related damage. Equipment that stays outside year round is prone to rust, seizing, corrosion and UV damage.

Also, keeping your equipment inside a steel farm building will protect your valuables from potential theft. Although large farm equipment is very difficult to steal, it is very easy for a thief to steal particular parts off of your heavy equipment.

Overall it is just smarter to keep all that you can indoors!Steel Farm Buildings

Sheltered Livestock

Pigs, cattle, chicken, sheep, you name it – they are safely sheltered indoors. Pigs and piglets, along with other livestock are prone to frost bite during the cold winter months and can easily become sick or die because of extreme weather. As well, predators such as coyotes are on the rise in many parts of Canada, which will easily hunt your small and larger livestock.

By keeping your livestock inside a steel farm building, you lessen the chance of illness in your livestock, through controlled foods, temperature and conditions. Steel buildings can be easily insulated, which keeps your livestock at the right temperature, while at the same time keeping temperature in, thus saving you money in heating & cooling.

Space to Store Feed & Product

A steel farm building keeps feed away from the elements, free of water damage and away from wild animals who may be eating away at it. As well, straw and hay can be stored indoors, keeping it from becoming wet and unusable. You will no longer need to store your farm products and foods in your home or in an adjacent outdoor shed, all that you need is conveniently located inside your steel farm building.

Long Lasting Investment

Barns of the past were primarily built of wood. Although lasting a fairly long time, Canadian weather has not let them last long enough. Steel farm buildings are sure to outlive its wooden predecessors as steel is far more weather resistant than wood, and will not rot out. The steel used throughout construction is chemically treated to deter the formation of rust, making it an even stronger and resilient build. Once your steel farm building is built, there is little to no maintenance to be done, all you have to do is keep up with your farming!

Customized To Specific Needs

Every farmer is different and has unique needs for their barn. Weather you have a pig farm and need a structure that is well ventilated, or are a chicken farmer who needs to keep their setting temperature controlled, a steel farm building can be built to meet specific farming needs. Whether you need wall accessories, roof accessories, trim and flashing, insulation, lean-to frames, clear-span frames or multi-span frames – almost any customization can be made!