Top 5 Reasons Why Steel Buildings are so Popular

Building construction costs have been rising steadily over the past two years, as labour costs continue to rise in response to shortages of skilled workers. If you need a structure built for agricultural or commercial use, a garage or another storage structure, an arena or airplane hangar, then a steel building will meet your needs. Here are five reasons why.

Excellent engineers

A fully accredited engineering team in-house will design your building with high-quality drawings to codes and loads for regional steel building zoning. You can rest assured that a future steel building will be of top quality design, material and overall strength.

Choice in design and finishes

You can customize your steel building to your precise specifications. From roof pitches and overhangs, to extensions, to trims and colour, you are involved in the design from start to finish. 

Working with a top-notch engineering team you can select from your choice of:

  • Wall accessories, including a variety of doors in different sizes and colours, all to your project specifications or light panels.
  •  Roof accessories including vents, curbs, roof jacks, and light panels.
  • Trim and flashing, for base, corner, eave, gable or window or framed opening trims. You can also select your gutters and down spouts. 
  • For buildings with no interior walls, like an ice rink or soccer centre, select from your choice of clear-span frames. If interior walls are necessary then select from your choice of multi-span frames.
  • Building length using a lean-to frame.


Your steel building is not only more affordable to build in upfront costs for the building, but you can expect to see those savings stretch out for many years after thanks to its minimal maintenance requirements. 

The steel building frames are manufactured to size so extra time and money spent on resizing is eliminated, as is the waste. With fewer tradespeople need to construct the building, you have an efficient and affordable structure with those savings passed on to you.

Buildings can be treated so that they require minimal investment in maintenance. They will not corrode over time, nor splinter or chip, distort or buckle. Steel is a light weight material that will last for decades.

Efficient in building and operation

Your move in will be more efficient. You can move in quickly and maximize your return on investment. And your building will be delivered to you, on your expected delivery date, with the lowest freight rates available. 

Steel buildings are also efficient to operate because they are thermal and energy efficient, and easy to maintain since steel is a highly durable, light-weight building material that does not splinter, chip, distort or buckle.

Green Steel

Steel is the world’s most recycled material, and all of the materials in your steel building will be 100% recyclable, and much of the steel used for construction will also be from recycled materials. When choosing steel over wood, you are being environmentally conscious as, in a small way you are helping to save numerous trees from deforestation. As well, choosing steel over wood allows for structural benefits as well, such as an increase in structural longevity and less maintenance requirements.

For these five reasons, your next construction project should include a steel building. You can enjoy a fast, efficient, and affordable building that will lower costs over the long run for your business, and for the environment.

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