Why Steel is Ideal for Eco-Friendly Building

As issues of environmental sustainability become more salient, the use of eco-friendly building processes in residential and commercial development alike is as important as ever. For every aspect of the industry, from production to transport to maintenance and service, we are seeing a new level of effort involved in trying to reduce the impact of building projects on our natural environment.

At the forefront of these developments are steel buildings. Long an example of eco-friendly building done right, these structures carry significant benefits when it comes to the environment. And unlike many purportedly eco-friendly practices, their benefits are demonstrable.

Steel is 100% Recyclable

Since steel is 100% recyclable, it is an ideal material to use for eco-friendly building. In fact, steel is the most recycled material in all of North America. Much of the waste and environmental impact from construction is often a result of the materials used and how they negatively affect the environment. With steel, this concern is eliminated at the very beginning of the building process. Furthermore, the increased emphasis on steel recycling programs means that solid waste is vastly reduced.

Steel Buildings are Energy Efficient

The use of cool roofs on steel buildings means that they naturally work to conserve energy. The colour and slope of the roofs combine to reflect and emit the sun’s heat and reduce the energy costs associated with the building. Furthermore, custom insulation options in steel buildings control the interior temperature and thus help to increase energy efficiency over time.

Low-Emissions Production

Much of the environmental impact that stems from building is a result of the production process. In North America, steel production plants have been at the forefront of reducing emissions. Today, some plants don’t even produce any carbon dioxide emissions and recycle all of the water they use to produce their steel.


Steel buildings are designed for longevity and minimal maintenance. Since they require less repair, upkeep and aftermarket modification, they significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with structural maintenance and repair.


Every time you opt for a pre-fabricated steel structure, you are (either advertently or inadvertently) choosing an eco-friendly building solution. The entire process of producing steel buildings is streamlined because of their pre-fabricated components, allowing them to be produced in a single location. Also, erecting them on-site is much simpler and quicker, requiring minimal use of construction equipment.

As environmental sustainability becomes more important in the public’s consciousness, industry must work to reduce its environmental impact. Steel buildings provide a simple and affordable way to accomplish this by providing a building process that is eco-friendly.