Building a Steel Garage: Things I Wish I Knew

Building a Steel GarageA steel garage is not just cost-effective, it also is a structurally strong and durable building that will keep your precious vehicle and tools safe and secure. Building a steel garage means opting for resiliency and the ability to resist the rigors of nature. Even natural disasters, such as earthquakes, need not be worrisome. Did you know steel is flame-retardant? This will make you and your insurance company extremely happy!

If there are so many advantages to building a steel garage, then why do people make mistakes? It could be because they do not know what mistakes to avoid. That is why it is prudent to be aware of the common pitfalls, so that the end result is just what you anticipated.

Building a Garage that is too Small

Many times, homeowners are so excited about building a cost-effective garage that they forget to take into consideration the size of the garage. As a result, they end up with a garage that is too small to house their vehicle and the other things that they want to store in it. The best way to avoid being saddled with a small steel garage that does not serve its purpose is to pull up your sleeves and get to work. Take a tape measure and measure the vehicle. Thereafter measure the space that you would like around the vehicle, so that you can walk comfortably.

Also, take into consideration the amount of storage space you require. Make a note of it and compare it to the steel garage that you want to build. Remember, the exterior measurements of the garage should not be the only measurement that you should look closely at. Even make note of the interior, which will be slightly smaller than the exterior. Add another four feet to the length and width of the interior and this should be sufficient to accommodate your kids’ bicycles, gardening equipment and luggage. Where a garage is concerned, bigger is always better. Take into account your future needs as well, since you may have two cars or bigger car in the future.

Not Taking into Account the Exterior Finish and Aesthetics

Do not build your steel garage without taking into consideration the architectural style of your home. After all, it will be a part of your house and you want a garage that complements your home.

So make it a point to check the roof, exterior finish and style of the door and window frames. These elements of the garage should be in harmony with the rest of the house, otherwise not only will the garage stick out like a sore thumb, it also will affect the resale value of your property. Try to build a garage that is tailor-made for your home rather than looking like an afterthought.

Not Following the Local Building Codes

Most municipalities require homeowners to get building permits to build a garage; and some do not allow steel garages. Get the right permit before you start building. Also, if you want to connect electricity and water to the garage, you will need another permit as well.

Make sure you follow all the mandatory building codes; otherwise it can be an expensive error to rectify. Also, the garage does not have the right building inspection, you may be unable to sell your property at a later stage.

Not Budgeting the Total Cost of Building the Garage

Usually, a steel garage comes in the form of a pre-engineered kit and this kit does not include windows, doors, skylights and any other design element you want to incorporate into the garage. Many homeowners do not realize this and get a shock later on.

Building a steel garage requires expertise and knowledge. While the smaller structures can be assembled as a DIY project, you will still need help for other structures. If you do not have the right equipment and tools to build the garage, it is prudent to get professional help and hire a contractor for it. This way, your steel garage will be built right the first time round and it will be a stress- and hassle-free experience for you.