Building a Woodworking Shop

Building a woodworking shop is often a dream for many men and women. Whether for professional use, or a hobby shop, these workspaces are fantastic for all levels of workmanship. At Toro steel, that dream can easily become a reality when building a custom steel building to house your very own woodworking shop. To help bring your dreams to reality, we have compiled a quick breakdown of some of the most important design aspects to consider when building your very own woodworking shop.


First things first, you have to decide on the size of your steel building. Your woodworking shop has to be big enough for all your woodworking tools and have enough space to easily walk around without being too cluttered. Some of the most ideal sizes are between 1,500 and 1,800 square feet although any size is doable, it all depends on the amount of equipment and tools you need to house, and your unique needs.



Another thing to think about is the design of the interior. The less interior walls the better. Being able to have flexibility, and have a space that doesn’t feel cramped is key. Open concept is the best design for a woodworking shop so you can easily walk around, and move machinery around easily, with little to no constraints.


Also make sure you have sufficient electrical. The more power outlets the better, some should be placed in the ceiling and some on the floor to limit the amount of cords running along the ground. The last thing you want is to be tripping over cords. It doesn’t look good, and it’s very unsafe!

We suggest you make a general layout of how you plan on placing all your tools and equipment inside of your woodworking shop. Once you know what is going where (general idea) then you can plan your electrical outlets accordingly.


You want to make sure you have lots of lighting! A combination of both natural and artificial lighting is ideal. Fluorescent lights between 5000 and 6500k is preferred by most craftsman, but again you have to find a brightness that best suits you. Make sure to test out your lighting options before hand at a local hardware store to see what you prefer. You want to have a space that is of optimal visibility, and is comfortable for you to work in.


Another aspect of a woodworking shop that many people forget is plumbing. A lot of craftsman like to have a work sink, and fully functioning bathroom to make their workspace 100% efficient. Plumbing is not a necessity, but it’s a great addition if you have it in your budget.

Do it Right!

Most importantly, don’t cheap out! Think of your woodworking shop as an investment. The quality work you do inside of your shop will pay for the steel building in no time at all. Another great thing to remember is that it will add to your property value in the event you want to sell!

Contact Toro Steel today for more information on our fully customizable steel buildings, and how we can help you create the woodworking shop of your dreams!