How Metal Buildings Can Help Expand Your Business

How Metal Buildings Can Help Expand Your Businessutilizing a metal building

As your business grows, you may find your existing structure not able to handle the new demands. It could be lacking in space for storage, manufacturing, offices or service work, and your only option is to expand. How can you do this in the most efficient way while remaining cost-effective and not disrupting your business operations? By utilizing a metal building.

Pre-Existing Building Additions

If you already have a building that is not made of metal, such as a brick or concrete, you may be wondering how to integrate metal into the design. Luckily, metal can work as an addition to any pre-existing building by creating new roofs or wall expansions.

An existing building can be resurfaced or retrofitted to match the new expansion. Additionally, metal panels are available in a variety of colors, helping to blend the expansion with the building.

Creating and Designing the Addition

To begin designing your addition, having construction drawings is a big help. This way, it is easy to see where the addition will go and the correct sizing. Also, photos of your building are useful as they allow another viewpoint and help with color selection.

The timeline for your building depends on the size of expansion you’re looking for. The time to receive your structure from when you ordered it is relatively short, and construction is much quicker than a building made of traditional materials. As there is less disruptive construction equipment needed such as cement mixers and saws, many businesses are able to continue operating through the expansion process. This saves both time and money.

Contact Us to Discuss Creating an Addition for Your Business

When the time comes to expand your business, opting for a metal addition is a great choice. The simple construction, lack of disruptions and ability to blend into your existing structure make it a perfect option. Every steel building sold by Toro includes a 30-year rust-free warranty to keep your addition looking great. For more information, please contact us at 1-877-870-8676 or submit an online request for a free quote.

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