How To Build A Horse Shelter

toro-blog-riding-arenaTraditionally, pole barns are the most common type of horse shelter. This is partially because they are fairly easy to construct, and also because they are generally inexpensive. But with advancements in technology and new, innovative materials emerging, many have opted to dismiss the traditional approach. One such innovative approach to build a horse shelter is using a steel building. Like pole barns, they are easy to construct and very affordable, but come with a number of added advantages, including:

1) Durability – steel buildings are built to last decades longer than traditional materials such as wood or brick.

2) Flexibility – with a variety of sizes and features available, they can be used to house one or multiple horses, and even to store feed and other related items.

3) Customizability – steel building offer easily addable custom features for very little cost.

If you are in the process of planning a horse shelter, steel may be exactly what you’re looking for. Here’s how to build a horse shelter using a prefabricated steel building.

1. Find an appropriate area

When planning for your shelter, you need to locate an area that is flat and not at risk of flooding or standing water. You want to ensure that the area is big enough for the size of the structure you plan to build (the size will be a result of what exactly you need from your building, how many animals you have, etc.).

2. Pour the footings

Once you have figured out the size and the location of your horse shelter, pour a floating concrete perimeter footing on which the steel structure will rest.

3. Assemble the panels

Steel buildings come with a number of easily assembled, pre-drilled panels. Assemble these on the ground with a flat overlap, thus ensuring a watertight seal.

4. Raise the panels

The next step to build your horse shelter is to raise the panels that you have fastened together. Because the panels come in an arch shape, they require very little force to be raised, meaning there is no need for heavy-duty equipment. Secure the panels to the foundation.

5. Add finishing touches

Once the main body of your horse shelter has been built, the next step is to add the finishing touches. Insert end walls and any doors or other parts, and tighten all necessary bolts. Just like that, you have a brand new horse shelter ready to go!

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