Need to Build a School Gym? Steel Buildings Cost Less and Last Longer!

Gymnasiums are special buildings that require tall wide-beamed height requirements and a spacious floor plan. As a result, conventional construction materials and methods are simply not always practical. However, a pre-engineered steel gym easily satisfies these requirements. The strength and uncanny durability of steel building allows for a ceiling span that maximizes each inch of space without the need for support beams or columns. In addition, pre-engineered steel gyms are highly customizable, which make it adaptable for just about every size. These steel buildings cost less than conventional construction materials and can be built easily and quickly. Once the gymnasiums are erected, they require much less upkeep and maintenance than other building materials. 

Steel Buildings are More Cost Efficient

The process of allocating resources and planning for the construction of a new gymnasium can be a significant task. However, when you choose a pre-engineered steel gymnasium structure, it will provide a flexible and durable space designed to easily fit just about any budget. The quick construction of the pre-engineered components takes much less manpower to assemble. At the same time, a steel gymnasium is naturally resistant to rust and mold because of the special coating used in the process. In addition, steel buildings cost less because of the significantly lower maintenance costs. Simply put, steel buildings cost less, will save you money today, as well as in the long term.

Steel Buildings Cause Less Environmental Harm

Because steel is entirely recyclable, it’s the green choice. In addition, the majority of manufactured steel is made with an average of 25% recycled materials. Steel is reusable, and it saves infinite space in landfills. Using steel materials to build your gymnasium doesn’t require the decimation of gorgeous rain forests to use irreplaceable resources. In contrast, steel materials actually protect the natural environment. In addition to benefiting from the budget-sensitive steel buildings cost, you will also help keep the habitat sustainable for future generations to come.

Steel Buildings Cost Less to Insure

Steel doesn’t rot, foster mold growth, is resistant to termites, and non-combustible. When you choose steel buildings, you can save up to a staggering 40% on your insurance premiums.

Steel Buildings are Highly Flexible

Steel structures are extremely flexible and are ideal for gymnasiums. Whether you need a hockey rink, basketball court, or other large sporting areas, steel structures are ideal because they allow for large column-free spaces. In addition, you can easily and quickly increase space by simply taking out an end wall and adding more wall panels. You can also quickly customize your steel gymnasium as a multi-purpose building to house locker rooms, gyms, entertainment rooms, offices, and much more.

Steel Buildings are Strong

Compared to other construction materials, steel buildings have an amazing high strength to weight ratio. Because most schools rely on their gymnasium as a local safe haven from hurricanes and even tornadoes, these buildings are strong enough to provide protection against the harshest of weather. In addition, steel buildings are designed to adhere to the International Code Council standards according to snow loading conditions and local wind.

Steel Buildings are High Efficiency

Steel buildings are created and cut with laser-like precision from the factory. This means that all of the seams of your steel gymnasium will have less heat loss than structures made from other material. Steel buildings cost less and are able to create the premier sporting environment.