Pole Barn & Farm Buildings vs Steel Barn & Farm Buildings

Pole Barn & Farm Buildings vs Steel Barn & Farm Buildingsagricultural buildings

Modern farmers require several things to be successful. These include flexibility, durability and affordability. More than ever, they are choosing to build with pre-engineered steel building kits. They can be used both for barns and additional agricultural buildings and are quick to construct.

There are several benefits to choosing to build with steel as opposed to deciding to construct a traditional pole barn. One of these is the open interior space. Farmers require space not only for livestock but also for their equipment, which can be costly and needs to be protected. These can include tractors, trucks, trailers, pickers, combines, harvesters, graders and more. They require a lot of storage space, which can be hindered with wooden support columns and beams. These supports reduce the available interior space, while a metal barn is able to span large distances without the need for interior support columns. This makes it much easier to bring in and maneuver large pieces of equipment safely.

Be sure to check how a steel barn and agricultural building can benefit you before you decide to build using another material. The pre-fabricated metal buildings available from Toro provide much more usable interior space than a traditional pole barn structure. They are able to provide clear-span interiors, allowing you to house more animals or store more equipment or harvested items without the disruption of interior columns. Wooden pole barns are also susceptible to things like pests, rot and fire where steel is not. In addition to this, steel is heavy-duty, allowing it to resist the elements better than a pole barn.

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The team at Toro knows the importance of keeping your farming equipment and livestock safe. This is why we ensure all of our structures are protected with a 30-year rust-free warranty and come with certified drawings. If you have any questions about building a steel farm building, we’re available to help you. For more information, reach out to us at 1-877-870-8676 or submit a request for a free online quote.