Why Steel Equestrian Riding Arenas Are the Most Cost-Effective Choice

Why Steel Equestrian Riding Arenas Are the Most Cost-Effective ChoiceSteel Riding Arena

Indoor equestrian facilities vary greatly in both their design and function. Being able to accommodate the horse’s needs as well as the riders and owners are important things to consider. Also, being able to choose a great site and excellent structure is essential. Whether you need to build horse stables or create a clear span riding arena free from obstructions, selecting steel as the build material of choice is a great option.

Wood is Outdated

For many years, wood and pole barns have been the go-to for horse owners to house their beloved animals. These structures consist of wooden support beams and wooden walls, leaving them vulnerable to weather, pests, and other potential damages. Because of this, traditional wood pole barns are becoming outdated as other materials such as steel become more efficient and cost-effective.

Column-Free Steel Horse Arenas

In any equestrian facility, the arena is one of the most important aspects. This is the space where the horses get trained, and you spend the majority of the time working with them. Because of this, you want to be sure that the arena offers security, comfort and value for your riders. Choosing a steel building allows you to build with an energy-efficient material that is also fire and weather resistant. Metal is also unlikely to be affected by things like mold, rot, fungus and pests that can impact traditional wooden structures. View some examples of the riding arenas that Toro has to offer on our website.

Steel Arena Kits Are the Most Economical Choice

Selecting a steel building kit is the most cost-effective and economical choice for long-term performance when building barns, arenas and equestrian facilities. The clear span designs of the interior allow for the perfect amount of space for care and for performing, allowing both the horse and rider to be comfortable indoors. A prefabricated steel structure is able to be completed faster than traditional wood or brick structures, saving time and allowing you to get up and running more quickly. Along with these benefits, steel requires less maintenance and repairs than other materials, preventing costly fixes and upkeep.

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