Steel Garage Kits for Vehicle Service Shops

Steel Garage Applications

Steel Garage Kits for Vehicle Service ShopsSteel Garage Kits for Vehicle Service Shops

A steel garage can be used for many different purposes. When purchased for shops, their durability and open concept make them ideal for fitting tools, hoists, bays, and a variety of other equipment essential for maintaining a service shop. As they are built from fire-resistant steel, they are also able to house welding shops without fear of damage.

There are a variety of customization options to be sure your needs are adequately met. These include frame selections, roof accessories such as vents and clear panels, trim and flashing stylings, size, insulation levels to suit the climate you’re working in, and colour. You can combine any of our colour selections to be used for the base structure and the trim in order to match the aesthetics of your company.

A steel garage from Toro Steel Buildings is an excellent option when you’re looking to build any of the following:

  • Auto Shop
  • Truck Service Shops
  • Large machinery storage
  • Bus garage
  • Garages for RVs, motorcycles & ATVs
  • Truck & trailer garages

Benefits of our Steel Garage Building Kits

When purchasing a steel garage building kit, you will receive the following benefits:

  • 30 Year Rust Perforation Warranty
  • Fully Customizable Design

What to Know When Building A Steel Garage

When choosing to build a steel garage, there are several things to keep in mind. Consider the exterior finish and aesthetics that you will select. You want the building to look cohesive and visually pleasing and match any other structures you may have on the property. Having a functional, well-finished structure will also improve the resale value of the property, should you ever decide to sell.

Be sure you also have the correct building permit for your area. Some locales require permits before building anything, and others may not permit steel garages at all. If you intend to have electricity and water connected to the garage as well, that will require an additional permit. Check with your town or district to see what is required before you begin to build.

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