Choosing The Right Metal Shop Kit for Your Needs

Choosing The Right Metal Shop Kit for Your Needs Choosing The Right Metal Shop Kit for Your Needs

Metal buildings are fast becoming the most popular choice for residential, commercial, and industrial uses. This is in large part due to their versatility, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and durability.

Prefab metal buildings can be built faster than those made of traditional materials, meaning you can open the business and begin seeing a return sooner. A steel structure can also be used for a variety of purposes, allowing you to adapt your business to suit the space.

Why Metal Is the Best Choice for a Shop

If you are looking to open a garage, shop, or service centre, a steel garage kit is the perfect option. For a metal shop, the open concept and durability of the structure mean that it can comfortably accommodate the tools and equipment needed. To further expand your shop into a service centre, you can incorporate hoists, tools, bays and more. The high ceilings and clear-span interior mean no posts or supports can interfere with the equipment. As steel is also naturally fire-resistant, you are able to use welding equipment without fear of damage.

A metal building kit comes with each piece pre-cut and with all holes drilled, making assembly easy. We use the same fasteners throughout the structure, meaning you don’t have to sort through each piece to find the right one. Unlike wood, steel is not susceptible to fire, mold, or rot and is resistant to pests like insects and rodents. Your structure will also be designed to meet the wind, snow, and seismic loads for your area. No other building material can give the same peace of mind that your structure and all its contents are safe and protected.

Shop Customization Options

With all the possibilities that a metal shop holds, it is important to ensure that you choose the right metal shop kit for your needs. To help ensure your building is suitable for you, there are a wide variety of customization options available.

For a straight-wall metal shop, you can select:

You can also combine different colour selections for the building and trim to match your company’s branding or create a style that stands out.

For an arch-wall shop, the available customizations include:

Regardless of the building style you select, it is recommended that you add insulation. This will help protect your equipment from extreme temperatures, ensure the working environment is comfortable, reduce energy costs, and prevent condensation. It is also important to install an adequate ventilation system to disperse fumes from paint, exhaust, and other chemicals.

Steel Auto Shop Building Kits

How you decide to design the interior of your metal shop determines its functionality and success. You need to ensure that you have enough room for your tools and equipment, ventilation, and space to work. Depending on the steel building design you choose, future expansion may be possible. If you feel you may need to expand, be sure to ask a building specialist about the best option for you.

Choosing a prefabricated shop kit is also often less expensive than remodelling an existing structure. Because of the SB-10 insulation regulations, an older building will not be able to compare in efficiency for both heating and cooling to a new build.

Metal Garage Building Kits & Applications

The open concept and durability of a metal shop kit make it ideal for the tools and equipment necessary to run a service shop. Being made of steel, you are also able to weld inside the shop without fear of fire or damage.

What to Know When Building a Steel Garage

There are several factors you need to consider when deciding to build a steel garage. First, think about the aesthetics you want and the exterior finish that you will select. You want the garage to look visually appealing and cohesive. If you have other structures on the property, the garage shop should blend with or complement them. A functional and attractive metal shop will boost the property’s resale value should you decide to sell.

Secondly, it is important to ensure that you have the correct building permit for your location. Some areas require permits for any structure, while others may not allow the building of steel garages at all. Additionally, you may require additional permits to connect water and electricity. Make sure to check with your town or district to see all the necessary rules and regulations you need to abide by before you start building.

Understanding How Temperature Affects Steel

Throughout history, steel has always been worked in high temperatures. This practice originated with blacksmiths, who would stand by a glowing fire and skillfully form red hot metals into shape with skillful blows. Even with advancements in technology, this practice has not changed, as all metals are still worked in very high temperatures because it’s the best time to form and deform them.

Just how much heat affected steel was noted when the first steam engines were built. As they were primarily made of iron and steel, the structure of the train would change when used for an extended time. The boilers expanded, stretched, and sagged while lead strips between windowpanes loosened. This tendency of metals, including steel, to stretch in high heat is referred to as creep, while the loosening of bolts and rivets became known as relaxation.

What Happens When Metal Gets Cold

In cold weather, exposed building materials tend to shrink slowly. In the spring and through to the summer, as the environment warms up and air gains moisture, these materials will expand to their normal sizes. Since the temperature may fluctuate quickly, it can cause a rapid shrinking of the exposed building materials. This can cause the joints to move against or away from one another and is often the reason you may hear loud creaking sounds as the temperature outside changes.

Where You Purchase Your Metal Shop Kit is Important

By working with a reputable steel building provider, you can trust that they have already done the necessary calculations for the structure. This means that no matter the season you are building in, the allowances for expansion and contraction have been accounted for, ensuring that your structure is stable throughout the year.

Applications of Our Steel Shops

The steel garages at Toro are an excellent choice for people looking to build any of the following:

  • Auto Shops
  • Truck Service Shops
  • Bus Garages
  • Large Machinery Storage
  • Truck & Trailer Garages
  • Garages for Motorcycles, RVs, and ATVs

Choose the Right Customizable Steel Garage Kit with Toro

Metal shops are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the automotive repair and service industry. If you are looking to build a garage, shop, or service centre, we can help. We provide our clients with an extensive selection of affordable, reliable, and safe steel buildings to meet their unique needs. Contact us today to discuss your ideas with one of our building specialists. They will be able to walk you through your options and answer any questions you might have. You can also submit an online request for a free quote, and our team will get back to you promptly.