Straight Walled Steel Garage Kits: Engineered Easy to Build

Straight Walled Steel Garage Kits: Engineered Easy to BuildHow are Straight-Walled Steel Garage Kits Made?

If you are considering building a large garage for your business or personal use but can’t decide which is the best material or building kit to use, consider straight-walled steel garage kits. What makes these building kits the perfect solution? First, garage buildings made of these sturdy and versatile kits show excellent resistance to elements, pests, and mold, and are also eco-friendly. Secondly, meticulous and exquisite workmanship goes into every kit, making the overall structure strong, durable, affordable and easy to assemble.

How are Straight-Walled Steel Garage Kits Made?

Intensive attention to detail starts at the drafting stage, where you will work with a team of professionals to design a building that meets the wind, snow and seismic loads of the exact location you intend to use the structure. We then provide you with a series of drawings that detail various important areas, including:

  • Sidewall framing
  • End wall framing
  • Ridge frame elevation

The most traditional building design for garage kits involves straight walls and a peaked roof. The peaked roof style complements the appearance of most structures around it. With its high-quality prefabricated metal components, this design offers remarkable strength and rigidity.

Are Steel Buildings Affordable and Easy to Build?

There is no definitive answer to this as it depends partly on the material you are comparing with. In the case of wood, steel buildings can, in some cases, be easier to build and, over time, be less expensive than wood. Steel is also a recyclable and eco-friendly material, making it attractive to potential buyers.

The Advantages of Metal over Wood Buildings for Workshops & Garages:

  • Weather Tolerance – Your garage should give you peace of mind knowing that your vehicles, equipment or machinery are properly protected from the elements. While wood structures may easily be damaged during extreme weather, metal structures offer considerably more longevity and protection.
  • Energy Efficiency – When designed with insulated metal panels (IMP) or thermal insulation, metal buildings offer higher R-values than wood.
  • Pre-Finished Materials – Prefabricated steel building kits offer consistency, uniformity and remarkable construction time savings that cannot be matched by wood buildings.
  • Pest Resistance – Steel garages provide a strong defence against pests that may otherwise destroy a wood structure.
  • Low Maintenance – Unlike wood structures that wear down over time and require routine maintenance, metal buildings require minimal maintenance, which reduces cost over the life of the building.

Why Steel is the Best Material for DIY Garages

  • Cost Savings – Steel is a low-cost alternative to lumber as it uses less material to achieve even greater strength. Additionally, it requires less maintenance and can have lower insurance premiums in some cases.
  • Durability – Steel is fire, pest and mould resistant. Therefore, you can enjoy your garage for years with minimal maintenance.
  • Protection – Steel garage building kits provide a stable interior climate, meaning your vehicles and machinery will be well protected from mold, rust and corrosion, thereby prolonging their lifespan.
  • Strength – There’s a reason the saying is “strong as steel.” With a remarkably high strength to weight ratio, steel is one of the strongest and most durable construction materials.
  • Green – Steel is an eco-friendly building choice. It is also recyclable, and many manufacturers use recycled materials in their steel structures, reducing landfill waste.

Straight Wall Garages Offer Maximum Durability

As the name suggests, a straight wall building uses straight walls as opposed to curved or arched walls. At Toro, we have perfected the art of straight wall steel buildings, making our products a reliable source of protection for millions of individuals around the world. We have a wide variety of options to help you achieve what you want with your garage.

Completely Customizable Steel Garage Kits from Toro

Our metal garage kits are engineered to be quickly and easily assembled. The split frame connection makes construction and installation intuitive and straightforward. The kits are available in a variety of sizes and are designed to accommodate one or multiple pedestrian doors, bay doors, windows and other necessary accessories.

Steel garage kits are the best solution if you are considering building a garage. At Toro, we guide our customers through their purchase to ensure they make the right choice for them. We use our skills, expertise and experience to design a structure that matches your lifestyle and preferences. We then get to work delivering a pre-engineered building kit that can be assembled quickly. Over time, our building kits earn you a return on investment by protecting your valuable vehicles and machinery. Contact us today at 1-877-870-8676. You can also submit an online request for a free quote for a steel building kit that will protect your investments for years to come.