The Benefits of a Straight Wall Steel Building

Straight Wall Steel BuildingThere are two types of walls that are common for a steel building. One is a straight wall and the other an arched wall. In a straight wall steel building, the walls or framing is rigid and fixed. It is this frame that supports the building. On the other hand, in arched wall, long steel pieces are joined together to form the supporting framework for the building.

With these two types of walls, it is important to understand the difference between the two and make an informed purchase decision. Usually, a straight wall steel building is considered more superior to arched walls and there are several reasons for it.

Value for Money

Straight walls offer more value for money, as you can use every inch of the steel building more effectively. There is no wastage of space.

If you take arched walls, you will have less square foot to use because of the rounded construction. The sides of the building offer less space for storage and even the head space is less.

Enhanced Versatility

A straight wall steel building is extremely versatile and flexible. You can incorporate a whole range of designs and accessories. Straight wall steel buildings can be used as warehouses, churches, offices and even retail stores. This design versatility is not present in arched wall steel buildings, which are primarily limited to storage building or for basic agricultural purposes.

One of the main reasons why an arched wall steel building is less flexible is because of its dimensions. While the building can have unlimited length, like a straight wall steel building, the problem comes with the width. As the structural support is limited, the width cannot exceed 80 feet. Straight wall steel buildings can be built to any desired length.

More Design Possibilities

Because of straight walls, there is ample scope to add a second story to the building structure. This is not possible with arched walls due to the curvature of the roof. Hence, you can add a range of design possibilities when it comes to a straight wall steel building. You also have the ability to install HVAC units on the roof if you do not want to place at the side of the structure.

Because of the way arched wall steel buildings are constructed, windows and doors can only be placed on the end walls. You cannot install them on the side wall because there is no supporting framework. Thankfully, this is not the case with straight wall steel building. You have the option of placing windows and doors on the end walls or side walls, based on the design of the structure.

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