Why a Steel Greenhouse Offers the Best Yields

Go Green With Toro Steel Buildings and LEADFor centuries, builders have used wood to construct homes, workshops, barns and pretty much everything else. Even today, many people choose the “traditional” route when planning their construction projects. However, one of the main reasons that the primary structure of 80% of all commercial buildings is made of steel is that steel proves to be a superior choice compared to wood and other building materials.
If you are in doubt about what building materials you should use, check some of the reasons why a steel greenhouse is more cost and time efficient than a wooden one:
Easy and affordable construction with a range of design options
Since steel is much lighter than wood, it is easier to maneuver and cut, and it doesn’t require sophisticated tools that are often needed for wood constructions. It is a well-known fact in construction circles that steel buildings take 1/3 less time to finish than other construction types, with lower labour and tool costs.
However, the superior strength of steel allows for great design flexibility. Without the need for interior posts and with the option of larger door openings, you can utilize your steel greenhouse to its maximum potential.

Steel greenhouses provide unmatched strength and durability of the construction
While relatively lightweight, steel is much stronger than wood and has the best strength-to-weight ratio of any building material, while other physical properties of this metal provide for superb durability:

  • It is unaffected by weather and climate – Unlike wood, steel does not crack, twist or contract during heavy rainfall or in the case of floods and remains unaffected during humid months or in humid climates.
  • Elastic by nature and engineered according to strict load criteria, steel frames withstand extreme conditions including high winds and earthquakes.
  • Steel frames are fire-resistant – With significantly lower premiums for better fire ratings, a steel greenhouse is not only an investment in safety, but also a great money-saving option.

Throughout its lifespan, a pre-manufactured steel greenhouse retains structural integrity and resists corrosion and decay. With minimal maintenance costs and superior protection compared to other building materials, you are guaranteed decades of worry-free service.
Steel greenhouse is the “greenest” option
Steel is the only material that doesn’t lose strength after recycling; it is 100% recyclable without losing on quality, so it is no surprise that the steel industry leads the market in regard to the proportion of recycled materials used. When you opt for a steel greenhouse over wood-frame building, you also eliminate the need for the use of toxic chemicals that are often utilized for protecting wood against rot or insects.
With all the benefits it provides, steel framing has already been recognized as superior to wood framing, so don’t be left behind. Contact TORO Steel Buildings, and with over 130 years of experience we will help you find an ideal steel greenhouse for your needs.