Why Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Are the Best for Growing Marijuana

If you are considering building your own warehouse or facility to grow legal marijuana in Canada, the experts at Toro can help. We have a variety of pre-engineered buildings that are specifically designed to be government-approved indoor crop facilities.

Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Are the Best Option for Growing Legal Marijuana

As with any start-up company or expansion, being able to get the business up and running fast and efficiently is essential. This helps to ensure you will see a quick return on your initial investment. By selecting pre-engineered building kits, you will find that you have a more economical structure in terms of costs to run and to build, as well as an efficient facility in which to grow. Steel buildings are customizable and reliable, providing you with the maximum control and consistent marijuana crop production.

The Benefits of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

Cannabis needs very particular conditions in order to grow well. Utilizing a pre-engineered steel building helps to ensure that your crops grow successfully. The steel structure is resistant to mold and mildew, helping to protect your plants, while also allowing you to control the air quality, humidity and temperature, allowing the marijuana to thrive and grow.

Steel Buildings Provide Space for Essential Marijuana Growing Equipment

  • Why Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Are the Best for Growing MarijuanaRolling Benches – A rolling bench, or growing table, provides space for your plants to grow while maximizing the available grow space. The plants are raised to a more comfortable height for tending, increasing the speed and efficiency in which workers can care for them. They also help to support the plants as they mature, preventing damage.
  • Irrigation Systems – Utilizing the right irrigation system for your indoor growing facility is an essential factor in the overall quality of your cannabis. You can select between a manual system, a semi-automated system, or a fully automated system.
  • Grow Lights – The cost of energy is often one of the highest expenses in a marijuana grow facility, and the lighting makes up a majority of this. There are primarily two options to choose from. HPS, or high-pressure sodium lighting is the most common choice and provides a bright light with a long lifespan. LED lighting, however, is more energy efficient and has the potential to lower the energy use of your facility.
  • Ventilation – Ensuring your grow facility has proper ventilation is essential for proper growth. We offer many accessories for your building to help ensure the conditions are optimal to produce the best results.

Contact Toro For Your Marijuana Building Needs

At Toro Steel Buildings, our experts can help you design the steel building that will best meet your needs. All of our structures fulfill the federal regulations for indoor marijuana growth and security set by the Canadian government. For more information about our marijuana structures or any of our buildings for other industries, reach out to us at 1-877-870-8676 or submit a request for a free online quote.