Considerations Before Purchasing A Prefabricated Steel Building

Considerations Before Purchasing A Prefabricated Steel Buildingprefabricated steel building

With the increasing price of construction, prefabricated buildings offer one striking advantage – cost savings. However, cost savings are just one of the many things you need to think about when considering such solutions as prefabricated steel buildings for your commercial applications. Prefab buildings offer a lot of design flexibility and versatility, so it is important to consider the different options available to come up with a complete package that meets your needs. Prefab buildings provide users with limitless possibilities on what they can do with a building design such as:

  • The building can be designed to meet your specific needs, including being more energy efficient. It is also possible to completely take yourself off the power grid by attaching solar panels to a design. Doing so will result in long-term money savings.
  • You can also choose to customize individual units with various door sizes to match different needs.
  • If strength and reliability is a major concern for your application, you can opt for a rigid frame structure. Rigid frame prefabricated steel buildings are dependable and sturdy, which offers peace of mind.

Among the many design options and possibilities you can integrate into your build, below are the key aspects you need to consider alongside your intended application.

Steel Building Frame Types

Straight Column – This system allows you to achieve clear interior space of up to one hundred feet in width. Popular applications include small retail stores, offices and other commercial applications.

Gable + Single Slope – Rigid Frame systems, also known as column-free clear span, offer strong and dependable solutions with expansive unobstructed interior space. Its common applications include recreational facilities such as auditoriums and gymnasiums, aircraft hangars and other large commercial buildings.

Beam and Column –  This system is ideal for constructing large, economical buildings with expansive floor space. These buildings are ideal for industrial purposes and warehouses.

Steel Building Span Systems

Open Web Truss – This framing system is renowned for being lightweight yet incredibly strong. It offers exceptional design flexibility, particularly in applications that need longer spans. It’s often used in buildings that need clear, unobstructed floor space such as indoor stadiums and aircraft hangars. The ability to provide large clear spans gives this system industry-leading levels of design flexibility.

Clear-Span With a column-free interior, this system is designed to offer optimum unobstructed span capabilities. The system is ideal for applications such as gymnasiums, aircraft hangars and auditoriums.

Multi-SpanIn many ways, this system is similar to the clear span system. However, it uses interior columns, which allows the frame to span greater widths. This design is ideal for warehouses and offices, as well as commercial and industrial applications, where interior columns would not be obstructive.

Steel Building Terminology

Pre-Engineered Buildings – This building technology dates back to the 1960s. The label ‘pre-engineered’ comes from the fact that they were produced from factories with standard designs and limited configurations. The dimensions were standardized to several options, meaning that customers had limited choices. The framed openings that these buildings came with were also standardized for easy use as doors, windows, loading bays and more. Now, there are many more options, but the concept of factory-produced pieces remains the same.

Metal Building System – This term, coined in recent years, accurately describes the structural engineering buildings and concepts being used in the industry currently. These modern-day buildings are used as large distribution centers or residential garages. They feature wall or roof panels, low pitch roofs and exterior finishes like mansards and fascia.

Purchase Your Commercial Steel Building from Toro

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