What Makes Steel the Best Choice for Commercial Buildings in Canada

Commercial Buildings in CanadaWhat Makes Steel the Best Choice for Commercial Buildings in Canada

Steel is an excellent choice when looking to build a new commercial structure. It is customizable, expandable, longer lasting and can be constructed quicker than many other materials. With the combined years of experience on our team creating and designing steel buildings in Canada, Toro is able to ensure that your structure will meet the requirements of your province’s building code for commercial structures. Our buildings can be designed for whatever commercial purpose you require including warehouses, workshops, retail facilities and office space, and offer a multitude of benefits.


When you begin designing your commercial steel building, be sure to consider the important aspects. These can include appearance, design, layout, size, and the ability to expand should you need to. All of these elements will impact your business in the future, so it is wise to plan ahead.

Reasons Why Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings Are the Best Option for Your Business in Canada:

1. Versatile

No matter what type of business you have, a steel building is versatile and customizable enough to fit your needs. From sizing and colour to windows, doors and accessories, whatever you’re imagining can be created for you.

2. Strong

Steel is one of the most durable building materials and is resistant to many factors that can cause problems for other structures. A steel structure can withstand any insects, rust, fire or rot, and each of the buildings we design are able to stand up to even the harshest Canadian weather.

3. Sustainable

Most steel is created using partially recycled products and is usually manufactured specifically to order, resulting in little waste during manufacturing. If the building is no longer needed, it can be recycled to aid in the creation of more steel.

4. Open Interior

Steel buildings are able to be constructed with clear-span frames, meaning the interior is completely open and doesn’t have any columns or supports that could cause obstructions. This makes them excellent for sporting facilities, aircraft hangars, or factories.

5. Low Maintenance

All of our pieces are resistant to rust and corrosion, durable and come with a 25-year paint warranty. There is very little maintenance required to ensure your structure remains strong.

6. Appealing

You can do more with steel than just create a box. With the wide options for accessories, doors and windows as well as colours, the structure can be customized to fit exactly what you had imagined.

7. Fast Construction

Since steel buildings are pre-manufactured, the construction time is lowered. This means you will be able to utilize your building quicker when you choose to build it with steel.

Be sure to view our blog to learn more about the applications of steel buildings and why they are an ideal business solution.

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