Can Steel Buildings Withstand the North American Climate?

Steel BuildingsCan Steel Buildings Withstand the North American Climate?

Steel is often referred to as one of the most durable building materials used today, but are steel structures able to withstand the unique climate in North America? The answer is yes. Steel buildings are designed specifically to work in the area that they will be placed, ensuring they can live up to the weather.

Things to Consider When Installing a Steel Building

1) In order to get the most use out of your building, be sure that you work with our team of engineers to design a structure that will adequately withstand the snow in your area. Steel buildings are able to stand up to the weight of ice, snow, and strong winter winds. They also remain stable when up against hail and thunderstorms.

2) Keep in mind that your location will affect what you need from the building. Southern customers who don’t experience heavy snowfall will require different things than customers who live in parts of Canada that experience powerful winter weather.

3) Consider what roof pitch you will require. The pitch can be designed in such a way that snow and ice can slide down instead of accumulating and reduce the weight on your roof.

Preparing Your Steel Building for Winter

While your steel building is designed to withstand the harsh North American winter conditions, there are a few things you can do to help ensure your structure remains in great shape.

Prune Nearby Foliage

Cut back any branches from trees or bushes that are touching or close to your structure. In the winter months, the wind can cause these branches to rub against your building and potentially scratching or damaging the surface. Additionally, keep in mind that snow and ice will weigh down branches that could then bend or break under the weight, so trim back those above the building as well.

Remove Debris from The Roof and Surrounding Area

It is normal for organic matter to collect on the roof of your structure and around the walls. Do your best to clear it as it can hold moisture, which, when exposed to the metal for a prolonged period, can lead to corrosion.

Wash Your Structure

Warm water, a mild household cleaner and a soft brush are all you need to clean the exterior of your building. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly once you have finished. You could also use a pressure washer if you want but set it to its lowest pressure setting.

Clean the Gutters

Clean gutters are essential to ensure snow and ice melting on your roof has a way to drain and not settle on the roof. Take some time to clear your gutters of any material that may be blocking them.

Check Out the Durable Steel Buildings from Toro Steel Today

Every Toro steel building is designed specifically for the conditions of the area our clients are in. Be confident knowing that they will be able to withstand the climate, whatever it might be. We work with you to design everything you need, from a backyard shed to a large commercial warehouse, ensuring your structure is created exactly how you need it to be. To discuss a project or get more information, please call us at 1-877-870-8676 or request a free online quote.

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